Solve: Windows Resource Protection Could Not Start The Repair Service

When a WRP (Windows Resource Protection) file is missing or gets corrupted from your computer system. At that time, your windows will not start working correctly. There is a tool available and known as System File Checker or Sfc. It will allow to perform scanning and the repair the available corrupted files. But at the time, when the errors takes place into your system it is likely that Sfc too will not start functioning on PC. Due to this, it is very important that you should learn the process to fix Sfc errors. Here we will discuss about the problem Windows Secure Protection Could Not Start The Repair Service.


When this error does takes places on your windows? Before we get started to fix the very first that you have to know is the reason behind the error. For your information, you may not know that a service known as “Windows Modules Installer”, Tursted Installer is available into your PC. It comes with full permission of access into the WRP file (Windows Modules Installer) and into registry keys as well. At time you wish to run the Sfc tool that is especially for restoring the corrupted WRP resources or the missing files.

In case, the “windows Modules installer” is in the disable mode. And then the error of the Windows Resource Protection is not able to start. Likely you will receive the repair service getting displayed on computer screen.

Why Windows Secure Protection

  • Core operating system files and registry keys can be overwritten with older version or malicious code causing serious stability and security issues.
  • Windows resource protection is designed to protect those object from being overwritten
    • Increase system stability, predictability, and reliability
    • Replaces windows file protection in windows xp

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Windows Secure Protection Could Not Start The Repair Service

While making an attempt to run System File Checker, Sfc.exe with the /scannow parameter. Especially for restoring missing system files or corrupted ones. At that time, you will witness these errors in the system. The first one is “Windows Resource Protection is not able to start repairing the service”. And the other one is the “Windows Resource Protection is not able to start”.

Besides that, you might be also getting other error to run “Windows Installer Setup files”. Also, at the time of the installation and fixing the Windows Update. This error occurs at the time of the turstedInstaller services is being disabled. Check out the methods provided below to fix the errors of Windows Secure Protection Not able to Start The Repair Service.

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Fix the error by using Windows Modules Installer:

First Step: At the first, enter “services.msc” into the dialogue box of Run. Click on OK button.

Second Step: Into the window of services. Click on the “Windows Modules Installer” option.

Third Step: Now you will see Windows Modules Installer Properties (Local Computer). Click on General and select Manual in the Startup type. And choose Ok.

Fourth Step: After that click on the start menu and type cmd. Now click on the Command Prompt by using right-click mouse on the search result.

Fifth Step: Into the Administrator: Command Prompt you will have to type these command

  • sc config trustedinstaller start= demand
  • net start trustedinstaller

And then on your windows make an attempt to run sfc.exe. In this way the error will be solved.


Here we have concluded the necessary details to fix windows resource protection could not start the repair service. By using the above mentioned method you can fix the error on your PC. To avoid any virus or malware threats and keep your system protected. We strongly suggest you to purchase and install Anti-Malware PRO to keep your computer safe.

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