Unfollowgram: How To Check Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram?

Instagram is a fun way to capture and share your moments with the world. This is the best way to entertain your life along with friends, family and dear ones online. Even with a stranger you can be good friends through Instagram. In fact, Instagram allows you to follow your family and friends and see what they are sharing. Some follows you and you also follow them to see what your friends are sharing. But question arises like, who unfollowed me on Instagram? Instagram will never tell you who unfollowed you in Instagram because there are some security reasons.

The most time-consuming way to check who unfollowed you in Instagram is to check the list of followers that you have. But the irony is, as you have so many lists of followers, you couldn’t exactly detect who unfollowed you in Instagram. Since Instagram app alone can’t have the potential to detect who unfollowed you on Instagram within few seconds, we have Unfollowgram tool to discuss. This tool will not only help you to find out unfollowers Instagram online but will automatically show you how to use it. Below in this content we provide you an Unfollowgram, the third-party apps.

Who Followed Me On Instagram With Unfollowgram?

There are many third-party sites to see the unfollowers of your Instagram. Tools like Statusbrew, InstaFollow, and the Unfollowgram will help you to solve your problems. Let us speak them in details in a small paragraph.


Statusbrew is a social media tool that has the power to unlock all the people who matters you. Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, this tool will try to manage all your social needs.

They are available in your Google Chrome Extension, Google Play Store as well as App Store. In fact, it provides the best way to solve social channels. The account is obviously for free, all you need to do is click on the Signup button.


This is another tool to know who unfollowed me on Instagram. From this tool itself you can follow and unfollow any one. This tool is available in Google Play Store and App Store. You can view user profile very easily.

So these are some of the tools to know the unfollowers of Instagram. But we are here to speak about the Unfollowgram tools. Let’s speak about it in details.


Unfollowgram (unfollowgram.com) is the main tool to know who unfollowed you in Instagram. This is the most appropriate way to manage as well as analyze your Instagram friends.

Here you can check people who follow and who unfollowed you. Both the followers & the following can be managed with Unfollowgram Instagram app. Let me help you how to create an account with Unfollowgram.

How to Create an Account with Unfollowgram?

It is very easy and simple to create an account with Unfollowgram. Just follow my guide and you will be able to create an account within no time.

  • Firstly visit the official site unfollowgram.com and then a result will be shown with the web source.
  • Now click on the Sign in With Instagram
  • Type on your username and password. If you are a first time user of this tool then you will hear a dialogue for access. Make sure you clicked on the green
  • Make sure you have logged in with your Instagram account. Give all your email details when asked.

Who Unfollowed Me?

The moment you have logged in your details and created an account, click on the top screen option, Who Unfollowed Me?

You will be automatically redirected to a screen where the unfollowers list will be shown. Until and unless you have an Unfollowgram account, you will not be able to view unfollowers of your profile in Instagram.

Who Does Not Follow Me Back?

You can also check the other option for the people whom you follow but they do not follow you back again. So, by clicking on the unfollow option, you can eventually unfollow them too.

Who I Don’t Follow Back?

There are some people who follow you in Instagram but you never followed them back. So, you can either follow them clicking on the follow option or just leave it as it is.


Here in this option, you will find many lists of your own followers. The followers are the same numbers that you got in the Instagram app.


In this option, you can discover the full list of the people that you are following. If you want, whenever you like you can unfollow them.

Final Words:

So, these are some of the techniques of Unfollowgram to know who unfollowed me on Instagram. However, if you wish to get the latest updates then click on the refresh button. This will help you to see the latest followers and the people who unfollowed you. You can also tap on the Check button, if you wish to know who has unfollowed you to the latest. Instagram is fun to use as it lets you to share and discover all the moments of your life and your friend’s life. But to know the statistics of unfollowers you must create an account with Unfollowgram.

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