Vodafone All USSD Codes List 4G/3G/2G Internet Data Balance

Do you want to know all the USSD code of Vodafone network? If you have a Vodafone network card(or SIM card) then you should not down this USSD code, which will be helpful to check your 2g/3g/4g data balance. Besides that, you will be able to check exclusive offers, daily offers, popular offers for your Vodafone Number. We hardly know all the USSD codes of our cellular networks. Hence, we missed all the attractive offers and updates from the service providers. You don’t just miss the offers but also lose your money as well. So, better if you note down those Vodafone All USSD Codes List for Vodafone Balance Check, to check Internet offers and checking for the Internet balance.

Yes, by dialing to a voice call number you will get to know your data balance, offers, and main balance. But nothing is better a USSD code, as with just simple dial it can directly show you up your network main balance, offers, special offers, main balance and much more. USSD code also dubbed as “Quick Code” as this instantly reflects your required data. For your Vodafone, I got a full list of Vodafone USSD Codes to check all of your desired things on the go, instead of dialing and pressing numbers one by one to get into a specific data information.

Vodafone All USSD Codes List, 4G/3G/2G Internet Data Balance

Plenty of USSD codes for Vodafone Network and all of them not easy to remember; right? So let’s classify those USSD codes and make it more clear for you. I will be dividing these codes into three categories.

Here is a table for Vodafone All USSD Codes List for, check everything whatever you need from these codes.

Information  USSD Codes or Quick Codes
Vodafone main balance check *141# or *111#
Vodafone Main Balance check with My Offers,, My balance Usage, Manage Account, Reach Us *111#
Vodafone Offers *111# or *121#
Stop Value Added Service or VAS *111*3*1#
Check Vodafone Last 3 Calls *111*2*3#
Check Your Vodafone Number *111*2#
Check My Core and Flex Balance *111*2*1#
Vodafone Internet or Data Plan Check *111*6#
Check Your Activated Vodafone Data Plan *111*6*1#
Vodafone Offers USSD Code *111*1*1#
Transfer Main Balance *131* Desired Amount*Phone Number that you want to transfer#
My Delights Check USSD Code *111*1*2#
Vodafone Recharge Offers *121# or *111*1*4# or *111*1*1#
Check Your Last 3 Activities *111*2*3#
Check Your Last 3 SMS and Calls  *111*2*3#
My Plan Rates USSD Code *111*4*1#
Check Your GPRS Balance *111*6#
Check Video Call Balance *123*9#
Vodafone Check Rate Cutter *121*10#
Check Special Tariff Offers *145#
Check Night GPRS Balance *123*8#
Check SMS Balance Vodafone Or SMS Balance Activation *123*1# or *142#
Vodafone Best Offers *111*8#
Check Special Offers on Vodafone *121#
Activate Vodafone
Check Main Balance validity *141# or *111#
Check Vodafone 3G Balance *111*5*2#
Data Card 3G Balance Check *111*5*2#
Night Call Balance Check *157#
Movie Masala Alert *123*1#
SMS Balance (Free) *111*4*2#
Check 4G Balance *111*2*2#
Activate Vodafone Data *111*6*1#
Vodafone Combo Offer Activation  *123*2#
Vodafone Alert Activation *123#
Vodafone Bonus Card Check *111*7#
Vodafone Call Balance *145#
Recharge USSD Code *140*Secret Codes#
Check Free SMS and Free Talk time *142#
Check Vodafone Remaining Minutes *148#
Check Vodafone 3G/4G Balance *111*5*2#

Final Word

So, this is all for you to check all Vodafone services on the go with my Vodafone All USSD Codes Table. Now you can check with your Vodafone Number these codes for Vodafone. All you have in this table to find any information relating to Vodafone service. Or it will be now easier to check your data balance, main balance, SMS packs, special offers and much more over a voice call. So, bookmark this post, if you have a SIM Card from Vodafone or you can share with your Vodafone owner friends and family; it will be helpful to them too.

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