How To Set Up & Use Miracast on Windows 10 (Easy Tutorial)

Do you wish to cast your computer screen wirelessly with a TV or by using a Projector? If it is then there is good news for you, as you can make it happen with Miracast technology. Say good bye to the old method that were using cables for the purpose of transmitting media. Miracast allow you to easily replace that hard work to cast in your PC screen. Here you will be learning How to set up & use Miracast on windows 10. Before we get started, let us discuss about Miracast by getting into details information. It is basically a certification standard run by the Wi-Fi Alliance . Miracast provides you the access to mirror content without connecting with wire or cable into any compatible devices. It can be termed as HDMI over Wi-Fi as it gives the content an access to cast with one device to the other. In today’s world wireless streaming gained its attention. And now mostly the available streaming device introduces the support of Mircast.


Miracast was introduced in the windows version of 8.1 and it gives the permission to share video quality of 1080p. And it let you enjoy the sound of theater and that is 5.1 surround sounds. Now Miracast is also been enabled in to windows version of 8.1, 10. Most of the time it is witnessed that Miracast might not work out in your windows, the first reason is that on wireless display it does not support. The other reason is when your PC driver’s version gets out of date.

Check out whether Miracast is supported on your windows PC:

To do quickly check out Miracast is supported in your windows or not. Follow the steps that are mentioned below.

First Step: At first, launch the Run dialogue box by holding the key Win+ R once at a time. After that enter dxdiag and then press the enter Key.


Second Step: Now as you can in the image below there is a Direct Diagnostic Tool dialogue box appearing on your windows screen.  Now wait until the tool starts to collect the information about the system of your PC. After that just choose “Save all information” option by clicking on it.

Third Step: At this moment, you will need to select the location to save “DxDiag.txt” file on PC. Save it at the location where you can reach easily such as your Desktop.

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Fourth Step: And now you have to open “DxDiag.txt” file that is written into the format of notepad. After that, Scroll the page towards the direction which is at the bottom of report. In there you will notice the status of Miracast on computer. It is likely to be displayed as “Miracast is not available”.

It that situation, your Television is ready for to be cast the display in to its compatible device.  Also it can be displaying to you “Miracast is not supported”. The choices are yours, and now choose in which situation you wish to explore any other options as mentioned in the image.

When we had this situation, it was showing to use that “Miracast is not supported”, since we have run a test on the computer running Windows 7 OS, which is no supporting the Miracast.

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Install Miracast drivers on PC:

Speaking of driver it is a program that has the feature to take controls of functions of the device. Drivers are connected into PC and helps running the system into your computer. If you are currently, using the computer with a windows OS version of built-in Windows 8.1 and 10.

It will support the Miracast and for those who are trying to use Miracast. And into the updated windows version from 7 to 10, Miracast is not supported. Check on the steps on how to install the update of the driver.

First Step: At first, you will have to download Intel Driver Update Utility Tool.

Second Step: After that, search the download folder location of the setup .exe file.

Third step: Into the Intel Driver update utility window. You will have to click on the box “I agree to the license terms and conditions”. Click Install.

Fourth Step: After that the setup progress that is the installation will be on process. And wait until you see “System Update Competed” in the screen.

Fifth Step: Now click at Start Scan option. PC system will start the scan and search for the drivers that are available. After that, in the computer screen you will get a display of the available drivers which requires to be updated. And then you can update the files instantly.

And suppose if the display do not project and Miracast is not supported. In this case, you will have to complete connection into TV with Miracast adapter.  After that you can choose the steps given below to project your windows 10 computer into HDTV without wireless.

Steps to project your windows 10 computer into HDTV without wireless:

Just follow the instructions that are given below. It will let you easily project windows 10 computer into HD without wireless.

First Step: At first place, Plug “Miracast adapter” right at one HDMI port. And then go for your TV and choose the correct HDMI channel.

Second Step: After that, you will have to open Windows 10 Start. Right into start Menu options of your device. Now choose to, Click on the settings option.

Third Step: Shortly, you will notice there is at this bottom left corner of your screen. In there, chose “devices” and select connected devices. Now choose to click, “Add a device” option.  Now your computer will perform search of the new displays into a range.

Now you will see many list of connected devices displayed, in that list your TV will be shown as one. In case, Miracast adapter is being used then perform click. After that your PC display will get project into HDTV.


Here we have concluded how to set up & use Miracast on windows 10 and others necessary information. There is no doubt that, Miracast has earned popularity in recent times. As it is the best way to project the content from PC into HDTV. At the same time into another big displays as well. Also several of the manufacturers have included the display of the new standard.  And it is no wonder, which the market has seen a surplus among the enabled devices of the Miracast from the year 2013.

At the time, Wi-Fi Alliance was firstly announced at the CES. The users at present time can now flawlessly mirror the displays into their selected Miracast enabled devices. And that includes tablets, Smartphone, iPhone or PC and laptop’s as well. Simply supports in to any Miracast supported receiver like HDTV or projector and monitor.

Besides choosing to mirror contents into a big screen or display with Miracast. It also grants a secure connection by using the WPA2 encryption. In such a way that, the content that is protected one can easily surpassing from it.

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