How To Update iTunes To The Latest Version

Apple has recently updated iTunes to the latest version iTunes 12.7.In this latest version it comes with many severe bug fixes, features and user friendly interface. The previous update of iTunes does not match to the user satisfaction so users still using iTunes 10.7. iTunes 11 and 12 comes with slight improvements but there remains still some bugs and errors. Users are waiting and expecting for an updates that meets all wishes that all Apple users are looking for.


All Apple devices automatically detects for any updates of iTunes, so you need not to think for any updates. To update iTunes to the latest version you need to connect your phone with the internet or with any active Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes due to bad internet connectivity or for network error your iTunes updating procedure might drop. So you better check on your internet connectivity before. Another thing you need to do is back up before updating iTunes.

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How to update iTunes

There are two ways to update iTunes to the latest version. One is by directly downloading the update on your Apple handset or iPad. And the other is through connecting your device with MAC system.  Below I am going to enlist all the steps to update iTunes to its latest version.

Steps to Update

  • First click to open iTunes in your handset. If you are using Windows system then click on Help and for MAC click on iTunes.
  • Once the interface is open click on Check for Updates. If there is any update available, it will notify you.
  • For any updates click on Install.
  • After you have clicked on Install you have to agree some agreements. Click Agree to accept all types of agreements.

Steps to update iTunes on different platform as MAC, Windows are different. Below you will get to know the ways to update iTunes from both platforms.

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First of all open iTunes on your MAC system. If there is any update available then it will prompt you a message. Directly from here you can update iTunes. If you want to do it manually, click on the menu. On the menu, click on the iTunes and then click on Check for Updates. If there is any update available then on click a box will appear that displays you the recent version with the download link.

Now Click on Download iTunes and Install it. Agree some terms and condition and wait for few minutes to successfully complete. Once the downloading and installation of Updated version of iTunes successfully completed, your system will get automatically restarts. Update to the latest version of iTunes on MAC system is complete.

On Windows

If you are using Windows and want to update iTunes on windows then open iTunes application. Once the interface is open, click on the Help menu. A dropdown menu will open on click to Help menu. Then click on Check for Updates, if there are any available updates you will be notified by a message box. Now same as on MAC system, click on the download option and agree terms and conditions from Apple and Install it.

Installation will take some time to get complete. Once the installation is complete you will enjoy the latest version of iTunes on windows system.

This is all about how to update iTunes to the latest version on MAC and Windows system. If you want to download updated version of iTunes directly then visit the official page of Apple then install it on your device.


Apple updated iTunes with many features and bug fixes every time. Though some of its previous version is not up to the mark as users doesn’t find any major changes and updates on previous bugs. But now iTunes 12.7 already released with many improvements over its error, bugs and interface. Go through the above steps and easily update iTunes to the last version on iPhone, Mac and windows system.

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