How To Fix Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped Working?

There has been a recent problem of Google Play Services has stopped working/ crash/unable to open issue on many android handsets. And when we faced the same problem, it turned out to be really annoying. The services is really crucial for your android device as all the app and games that you have on your device are synced with Google Services. In few devices, you won’t be even to launch the Google Play Store if you don’t have to Play services working or up to date. Keeping the app up to date is really easy as you simply have to update it like any other app through Google Play Store. And for all online gamers on Android devices, it is recommended that you keep the Google Play Services up to date for saving your synced account and game progress.

But what if, right after you updated the app you face the Google Play Services has stopped working error message. Not just through update, there are quite a few reason why you face the error/crash message. So, if you are facing the same error every time you try to sync your app account with Services or even when you simply launch it then here are a few easy ways to solve this issue. This issue can be solved easily so you don’t have to worry about it too much as the app synced with this service will not lose its data unless the error effects the Google Play Store.

And this also brings us to the reason why you need to solve this issue as soon as you can. Let’s not wait any longer and get down with the steps to solve the Google Play services has stopped working error.

Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped fix:

There are different ways to solve this issue easily, so let us get down with the most easiest way and move up to more methods that will surely solve this issue.

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Method 1: The Latest Update:

The very first thing that you need to keep in mind if you face this issue is, see whether your Google Service app is up to date. Being out of date is the most common reason why any application would crash due to bugs or simply because the app is outdated which isn’t supported by the android devices.

To update your Google service app, simply launch the Google Play Store and update it from all app section. Note that, if the Play Service app is up to date, it won’t show up on the Google Play Store. And if you want to manually update the Google Play Services then go ahead and launch your browser and type in “Latest Google Play Services Apk” and press search. You will get a lot of results, choose the safest one and download the Play service and install it manually on your device.

Method 2: Uninstall Updates & Clearing Data:

As odd as it may sound, sometime an updated app comes with bugs which the developers don’t even know about until it is downloaded and installed on few devices. And if your app is updated to date but it is still crashing then it is probably because the update has a few bugs. Now to solve this problem you will need o uninstall the update.

Unlike other apps, you can uninstall the update of the app, to do that follow the steps given below:

  1. First you will need go to Setting> Applications> Google Play services and then click on Uninstall Updates.
  2. Now that you have uninstalled the update you will also need to get rid of any cache or data that is on the app.
  3. To clear the data, simply click on “Clear Data” and then “Clear Cache”.

After you are done with all the 3 processes, you will now need to restart you device. The error tab “Unfortunately, Google Play services Has Stopped” should go away. And if you are still facing the same problem, here a few more ways to solve the issue.

Method 3: Checking your Network Setting:

Now you will also need to access you android device permission section to see whether any of the Google services has been blocked or not. And if you find any of them blocked then simply click on “Allow”. It is really important that, Google service has full access to keep every app connected and working which even goes the same for this app.

Method 4: Resetting You Device:

Resetting your device will complete restore the device to the older version. But being in older version you will also get the most stable updates of the Google Services. So if you are facing the Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped error then you will need to restore your device to older version and then update all the apps and games but not the service app.

Note that, resetting your device will erase all the apps, information and data on the device, so I suggest you to make a backup before you do a system reset to “Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” error.

Method 5: A Custom ROM/ Service Help:

Though many would not prefer doing this, but if your device is still isn’t working properly due to Crash then it is most possible that your android version framework has crashed. And this can either be solved by installing a new version of android from service centre or by rooting your device.

Final Word

So these were the list of the 5 best ways on how to fix Unfortunately Google Play services Has Stopped. Following all these method will surely solve the issue. But if you are still facing the problem then you will need to leave a comment below. I request you to also leave a comment on which method really worked for you as we can update you with more methods to solve this problem effectively.

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