Top 10 Best GBA Games You Never Played 2018 (List of gba games)

Game Boy Advance common known as GBA Games is a 32-Bit handheld video game console. It is develop by Nintendo which was perhaps release in Japan, back in the year, 2001. Back in times GBA has successfully sold more than 81 millions of its unit in the world. Later on with the Sony PSP gasp down Nintendo’s neck, the company has now shifted its focus into the Nintendo DS earlier in the year 2004. Gama Boy Advance still hit shelves right after the release of DS, as most of the GBA Game still keeping its place in the list of many people’s mind.

These games are still available out there in the eShop for purchasing. Here I am about to mention the list of the Top 10 Best GBA Games that will be probably a right choice for you.

Get a GBA Player for yourself to play one of its top most games that you are about to know below.  Optional to run the games in your smartphone or PC you will need to install emulator in your device. GBA Games are completely filled up with old school games which you can enjoy in your GBA Player and PC as well.

Top 10 Best GBA Games

1.Contra Advance |The Alien Wars EX:

In the game play of Contra Advance is place on the top of the list, the game is everyone’s favorite here the player needs to take down massive the force of aliens or robots or monsters. The mission is to stop the plan of stopping the evil Red Falcon form conquering the whole world.

The game features whole new levels with the graphics of the original Super Nintendo hit. Shoot down all of the threats to the world and stop the invasion of alien and evil robots.

2.Final Fight One:

Final Fight One is the best arcade-style with brawling gameplay. It features a deadly weapon with tough boss characters. The game contains one of the tough boss characters.

The graphics of the game is totally awesome. In the game play fighting action took place between the two players. Enjoy the deadly fight with your opponent using your fists of hands or weapons tool for killing your opponent.

3.Metal Slug Advance:

Metal Slug Advance is listed as one of the best GBA Games. In the game play one has to battle against the deadly soldiers or bombers or any threats. Played needs to chase a dictator as well with the pixel action,  and you have to fight across the mysterious ruins.

Limestone caverns or lava flows and many more exciting mega missions packed in the game. Metal Slug Advance GBA Game is licensed by Nintendo

4.The Legend of Zelda | A Link to the Past:

The legend of Zelda is one of the games that turn the whole series of the game into next level. This GBA game got impressive reviews from the top publishers, gamers as a result was ported to Game Boy advance with a fewer changes.

The gameplay is still about the same background music with a gripping storyline. It is perhaps one of the best game that we have witness today.

5.Castlevania |Circle of the Moon:

Castlevanai is perhaps one of the toughest games to play in the past days. It gains its popularity due to its hardcore gameplay.

There was no such thing as saving the progress of the game, if you die in the middle of the game you have to star over from the beginning. The mission of the castlevania game is you have to hunt down the entire demon walking on the earth.

6.Spider Man | Mysterio’s Menace:

Mysterio is planning for some trouble working with his bad buddies, and it is in the hand of spider man to take care of the problems. Take a control of the web-slinging superheroes, completing the levels of the game one after another.

The GBA game is pack with full of action fights and provides various types of spider man suit collection. The special suit known as symbiote suite which is the final suit, it has the ability to heal dealing with damages.

7.Metroid Fusion:

In this GBA game, the bounty hunter know as Samus Aran, he fights throughout the BSL ship, as it is diseased with a parasite that is replicated self from the killing of victims. Player has to collect both the classic and new weapon as you will have to explore through the abandoned ship.

In the game play collect the X to absorb new abilities with replenishing your supply. It is completely great-looking along with animated cut scenes that keep on the game storyline describing.

8.Star Wars Episode III | Revenge of the Sith:

Following the footsteps of the adventurous story of Anaking Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, must say this one of the full action pack game with thriller taken from the movie franchise.

As Obi-Wan faces lots of struggle to save the galaxy prevailing from the darkness. In the game, player has to use the devastating force powers with the advance lightsaber techniques, to control the force of the actions of enemy.

9.Astro Boy Omega Factor:

Awaker and strengthen Astro’s seven super abilities in the entire game, the player gets to explore large 3D worlds to uncover all the side quests along with the hidden items. You can interact with the movie amazing characters of the story like Dr. O’Shay, Zoran and lots more.

In the game, you will require to collect all the trading cards and open up new areas to search. Use the best super power to defeat the enemies such as Magnamite or Archeon or the Blue Knight and Atlas.

10.Grand Theft Auto:

Gran Theft Auto is one of the most interesting game in the list if the old collection of GBA games. It is a game that let you perform criminal activities like murders, robbing bank and stealing cars, etc.

All of the places Liberty city is in your control, you get to ride several cars, bike and go  to bars or beach and disco as well. Select the types of game mission you wish to play like becoming a taxi driver or paramedic or fire fighter and street racer too.


Above I have mentioned all the complete list of the Top 10 Best GBA Games which is available to play in various platform devices. Own a GBA today or simply download and install the android emulator in your Computer. These games are available for making purchases in online in affordable prices. Bring back the memories of the days of the old times if you have experience in your childhood. For those who are not aware of what Game Boy advance games are all about, have a taste on off these games.


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