How To Set CPU Priority To Prefer Foreground Apps Windows 10,7,8 and xp [Update 2018]

Computer users you may not know that there are many Apps that is running in your background.

In each of these running apps a priority level is fixed to let is operate effortlessly. And the priority level is fixed on the basis of factors which are the consumed amount of processor and the time required to run it.

By increasing the priority levels the processor potential will also get increased that are assigned into it. If you wish to learn How TO SET CPU PRIORITY TO PREFER FOREGROUND APPS WINDOWS 10, then we are here to help you.


Note that each of the application that is running in the foreground or background of your computer, and will be allotted within a specific time from the CPU.

When it takes more apps to be handled at a certain time, the lesser it will allots for the individual app. And each of the apps will be provided specific amount of time.

What are priority levels into prefer foreground apps?

Speaking of priority levels there are several types of it that involves real time, above Normal, below normal, low and high. By using the methods of setting priority in windows 10 we shall assign the priority depending on our wishes. And doing so will allow your favorite applications to work faster way than ever. But always remember that, the settings are not going to be a permanent one.

And besides that, by manually setting priority is likely to create unnecessary confusion in the processes. It happens due to the processes which are set as important currently will not be receiving the same priority each time. Here, we have come up with a several methods to change how to set CPU priority to prefer of foreground apps on windows 10. Check them out provided below in brief.

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What are the benefits of choosing CPU Priority?

CPU priority is the first command unique operations that lead you to collect necessary data over the delayed period.  It will allow you to precede the functions of any tasks making it to do easily and safely. With the combined of CPU priority with the foreground apps tends to provide proper operation in a set time.

Understand the CPU Priority:

CPU priority is termed to be the collection of the resources belonging to the CPU device. And it is classified percentage that will get multiplication on the few cores suggesting the particular location to VS. To choose the CPU priority, you will have to go using an application that needs changing the priority into the CPU.

In that condition, you will have to go through these provided steps choose to proceed by getting an access into CPU priority level.

  • First Step: Open the “processor of the priority level”. And then enter “task manager” and click to search.

  • Second Step: Now go through the start option that displays on the left portion side on the dialogue box. After that you will have to click on the “More details”

  • Third Step: Now map the “processes” option tab. And then click right on the app.

By choosing “CPU Priority option” the windows user will be able to get an access into the available grocery period stored to check out along with the official requirement, currently 2 of the virtual servers are available and few users get lesser in to the usage of “CPU priority option”. Out of the 100% of priorities and 1% of priorities there are two selected services that is under the CPU priority.

Methods to set CPU priority to foreground apps:

There are two Unique ways to Choose CPU priority at windows like:

  • Registry editor
  • control panel

Control panel is Much More preferable and More selective way in Windows version.

Control panel for adjusting the foreground Apps in windows:

The very first that you have to do is sign into your windows 10, by using Administrator credentials or by choosing the administrative privileges. After that, open the control panel window in your computer by choosing it from the start menu.

  • First Step: Search for the system properties settings in to the “control panel”.

  • Second Step: Choose the system and security on the windows. And then into the next screen you will have to select the “System” and then choose the “Advanced system settings”.

  • Third Step: Now you will have to change the performance settings for foreground apps by selecting the system properties. And then go to the “Advanced” option and select settings, click OK.

  • Fourth Step: Into screen of the dialogue box of “Performance options”. Click, on the “Advanced” option and then choose programs that are just below processor scheduling. After that click on the “Ok” button, to complete the settings.

Change DWORD Value to prefer Foreground Apps in to Registry Editor on windows:

Follow the instructions that are provided below with details information.

  • First Step: Hold the “windows + R” keys once at the same time. And then enter “regedit” into the run dialogue on the windows screen. And the press the enter button or click “ok”.

  • Second Step: Now into the dialogue box of registry editor that appears as shown below in screenshot, you will need to paste these HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\PriorityControl

Apart from that, the priority control key. It will only explain the foreground priority differential. And the default values for Win32PriortySeperation are REG_DWORD 0, 1 or 2. This will specify to you the priority provided into the foreground apps.

  • Third Step: Now you will have to change the value of “Win32PrioritySeperation” to allow the foreground apps to perform smoothly.

It is very necessary to make double click on “Win32PrioritySeperation” which is into the right place of Registry Editor. At this moment, you will be able to view the value data ad set value data as 26 for adjusting the foreground apps.

Understand the Foreground Apps:

Foreground apps chosen priority will allow only the running multitasking programs in your computer system. And it is has the request for getting an access to the users by the currently working condition for getting the background that involves good condition of working.

The background history has a storage level behind it, and that operation is regarded to be practical effect for getting results into a documentary for an access into network service. In order, to get inside source on the foreground apps the users have to follow the steps that are given below.

  • First Step: Open the “Advanced” option into the performance settings.
  • Second Step: After that, you will have to click on the “background services”.
  • Third Step: Now the user will be allowed, to equal the amount of the processor resources to all the concerned programs.

The foreground app uses the data into a limited range which will be used. And then activate apps into the data reservation is lower and the speed will be higher than usual. Since, the background operation needs some limited amount of data into a limited range to grant access into well recognized level.

At any moment, you will be getting the restriction of data consumption and that time you will have to restrict the background data. To do that choose the option active and then go to the setting to change the data that is consumed by the background apps in to the windows.

There is one more step left for the preferring foreground apps along the CPU priority. For that, you will have to go for Advance tab for getting the access to performance settings. After that go along background services and you need to do identification of the equal amount of the available resource processor program.

How to option for the process of scheduling Windows 10, Windows 8 & Windows 7?

In case large apps is been run with higher priority rather than internet browser that you use. At this moment, the CPU time and the browser will be receiving the left over time and will run very slowly. And when both of the application along with the internet browser consist the identical precedence, it is likely to work more and the time of CPU is shared with the both processes.

Also, the user will be able to change priority of program that runs for speeding up the necessary running programs. For avoiding any issues, the user will be able to easily edit precedence of the process. To option the processor to schedule windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 follow the instruction that is provided below.

  • First Step: Launch run on your windows and then write system CPU. After that select “System Properties”.
  • Second Step: Now choose the “Advance” option and just below the performance, you will have to click on the settings.
  • Third Step: After that, choose the “Advanced” option that is within the performance options windows.
  • Fourth Step: Into the processor scheduling you will get to choose two different settings. One is to adjust performance of Programs” and the other is to adjust “performance to background services”.
  • Fifth Step: After selecting any option that is given above, you will have to change the “DWORD value” of the “Win32PrioritySeperation” and register with HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPriorityControl

Note that, priority control key speaks the foreground and the differences of background priority. And the possibility of the default values for the win32priorityseperation REG_DWORD are such as 0, 1 and 2. Including the default it is 0 X 2.

Here 0 means the foreground and also the background apps that are responsive equally. 1 stands for the foreground apps with more response than the background. 2 is the for the best foreground app with response time.

List of Tools to set process of CPU priority to Foreground Apps in windows:

Are you using the window version into your laptop then you must be thinking whether to configure your processor. Also CPU to schedule the priority for preferring the foreground apps to permanent, in a way you will be able to quite very fast. And it will also improve the whole performance and provide time to the background processes too. The necessary adjustment is done into the settings of control panel. Set priority windows 10 by running the application in the background by using Task Manager Set Priority.

Speaking of the tools there are 5 effective tools in total to set the process priority in windows. Check out the complete details of the tools that are described below.

Prio Tool :

Prio is among the best tool to opt for fixing the windows CPU priority windows problem. It is an impressive program that gives you an access to save the priority you require for any process. The tool is very simple to use, all you need to do is start the task manager. And then right click on a process and choose “set priority”. After that, set priority that you wish for continue of the process.

This tool saves the changes that are made every time you proceed. From this time, there is no need for changing priority in manually mode. Since windows perform multitasking system this simply means that several apps can be tin continuously. By using you can gather information on the system which one of the tj has priority level over the other task.

Process Tamer:

Process Tamer is very small in size software for windows. And user of this tool can go for manual adjustment option of the CPU priority. For that you will need to choose configuration tab and then untick the tame programs option, on the basis of the CPU utilization. For using this, just click on the explicit the “Rule drop-down” option. And then go for the menu of the row technique.

Now choose the value that you wish to set. After that the rules can either be add or delete in a manual mode right from the configuration tab. However, the reminiscence utilization can be very less and might hardly around 1.5 M.B. It works by detecting the CPU getting overloaded and decreases the priority level of that process for a moment. Setting the priority into a temporary mode by keeping the CPU usage into a normal level, process tamer fixes the problem by detecting the current condition and reduces the priority for temporary.

System Explorer:

System Explorer is a free tool to set process of CPU priority to Foreground Apps in windows. It allows you to explore and manger the system internals of your computer. And this software involves many useful tools that will give you the access to take the system under total control. By using the system explorer you can also get the access with high speed into the file database.

This will let you handle the unwanted processes or any threats into the system of your computer. It has a unique feature such as providing detail information of the tasks, windows, drivers, etc. System explorer has also an easy monitoring of processes activities including the changes of system. Also impressively uses the graphs of the necessary system resources.

Process Hacker:

Process Hacker is a very powerful and multi-purpose tool that allows you to detect malware. It also helps you with the monitor system resources and debug software too. Graphs and statistics will give you the access to track down the resource hogs in fast speed. Also giving an access into the runaway processes, and not able to delete or edit a file then find out by discovering the processes.

Check out the programs that have an active network connections and you can close them if you want.   Also get the real-time information by getting an access into disk. In the meantime see the details of the stack traces into the kernel-mode that is WOW64.and .Net Support. It is an alternative open source of the programs to task manager and process explorer.

Bill2’s Process Manger:

Bill2’s process manager is an impressive tool that gives you the access to create rules to detect the priority to run program. This tool improves the present way of managing the application into your computer system. It is very rich in its features such as it comes with the properties window processes along with CPU usage graph and threads, etc.

Also enjoy the statistical system to learn the real-time of the number of processes that is currently running on each of the CPU. For using this application tool on your computer, just click on selected manner access. And then select “create a rule for this method”, tick to set the precedence right into the windows of policies. Also choose the limit that you wish to run the app.


Always keep in your mind that, by setting the CPU priority for getting the foreground apps. The amount of the data consumption will be low. When updated of the session ultimately reaches the system of the users the consumption of the date will be less. The foremost step of the latest and upgraded version to “CPU priority level” with the foreground app will take you into settings of automatic default.

Besides learning on the steps how to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps windows 10? Here you have also learnt the details of the necessary tools to set CPU priority. Also, for managing the task that is priority to prefer the foreground apps into any windows available version.

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