Best Robust RainMeter Skins for Windows

Windows is a very good Operating System which allows us to customize our PC according to our own. Generally to change the looks of our desktop we mainly go through the various types of wallpapers. But sometimes wallpapers are also given the boring looks in our PC. So what you will do now? No need to worry because Windows has given a wide range of user option to customize desktop. Depending on that we are going to introduce RainMeter Skins for Windows through which you can apply to get a better visual experience. Do not stick to the old boring styles and keep moving for the recent up to date processes to change your PC look. With the help of these RainMeter themes you can enhance the appearance of your desktop screen.



One thing we need to clear you at first that to apply those RainMeter themes then you need to install the RainMeter software at first. After that, you can easily apply any RainMeter skin for your desktop. In this topic, we will discuss the best skins with name and description below. So go through these skins and click on the name of the skins to start the download and install on our PC such that it will instantly change your overall PC style.

Why do we use Robust RainMeter Skins?

There are many advantages which you will get while using these robust RainMeter Skins on your Windows. So here we will discuss some the available features of these skins-

  1. This is one kind of tool which provides you various features like instantly launch your favorite application, record notes, control media Player etc.
  2. Provides clean and customized interface to arrange your content in desktop as your needs.
  3. Add different widgets against the application to control them easily.
  4. It makes your PC more creative and transforms into the attractive
  5. It supports all versions of Windows from Windows7 up to Windows 10.

List of some best Robust RainMeter Skins for Windows:

Now it is the time to get know and download the best Robust RainMeter themes for your Windows. Some of the best RainMeter Skin for Windows is given on the list below. SO have a look and get know about them more clearly.

Senja Suite

Senja Suite is a clean and lightweight minimalistic RainMeter skin for Windows. This skin can able to customize your desktop in the best way and thus displays the currents time widget, system folder shortcuts, picture slideshow, media controls, user profile buttons, system on off button etc.



All the information of your desktop will display on one screen with the help of ALIENS skin. The technical functions like the status of RAM, ROM, icons etc. will show and display on your desktop. This theme shines many of the features for the users and thus gives you a different feeling while you touch it.


Iron Man Jarvis

If you want to get an Iron man – Jarvis powered look on your computer then RainMeter will provide you the best.  Some of the best features like displaying the hardware status, clock, notes, temperature, RSS feeds etc. will display on your screen.


Avengers Shield OS

This is a superhero theme which you can apply with the help of RainMeter Skin. All the handy shortcuts you will get on your finger tip by applying this skin. Other features like media player control, volume control, CPU usage, system shutdown, restart button will get on the screen.


Eker Lina

Another best skin for your Windows desktop is Eker Lina which also provides you very simple and clean interface with various features. Instant notification for the installed app will get on the desktop screen widgets.  Customizable widgets can be added for preferred application on the desktop screen. As per user needs, they can create and arrange the whole desktop screen in a wonderful layout.


Windows 2019

This is a conceptual skin that how the Windows will look on 2019. Some of the best features are provided by this skin for your desktop. It has some of the best informative widgets which will display on your desktop screen. This will transform your desktop look in a killer type of interface.


Tech A

This is a high tech visual skin for your desktop which will provide you all types of system details on a tech dimension in your screen. The light blue color combination gives you a neat and clean look. It can display information like as temperature, CPU usage, and another useful shortcut too.



If you want any dark colored theme then Horde skin is the best option for you. If you apply this skin with the help of RainMeter then easily a user can get display the system resource information in it. It provides some enigma features like enigma taskbar, reader, address line, RSS feeds, kingdom heart shaped clocks, network line etc.



The one of the most glossy and clear RainMeter skin is Razor theme. It provides the best razor theme effect on your desktop screen. Get the combo of all the system shortcuts, network strength, time, date, weather information etc. All the widgets are arranged in a beautiful way which gives you the best performance while using your PC after installing Razor theme. The crystal clear user interface feels you better and replaces the old interface with the new one.


Final Word

Besides the above-described skins, there are also many skins available on the RainMeter app for Windows. If you need another skin then you can also go for that also. But above skins are very much popular according to the user needs. To get download all the above skins then just click on the title name and you will get the skin on your PC. The using of these RainMeter Skins will not hamper you PC and they are very much safe and secure to use. So no need to wait for more and replace your boring desktop interface with the newest one.

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