What Must be Done to Stop DDoS Attacks On Your Websites?

When your website gets crushed down due to over traffic load, then you are also a victim of DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service). Now you may feel it simple, as it only occurs when you are getting overload traffic on your website. But to make you sure we must tell you that even a hacker can do DDoS attack on your website. So it is very much important for you to know how to protect against DDoS attack at home and get free from this DDoS attack.


Many big business and brands like Twitter, BBC, Donald Trumps’ website and many more have already had a lot of problem with the DDoS attack. From the report of the researcher, it is said that the rate of the attack is been increasing from the past 3 years. So now if you are also looking for putting your business in this high tech internet world, then you must have a good prevention of the DDoS attack. Once your website is hit with the DDoS attack, you will find that your business will be of nowhere. So let’s have a look at how can you protect your website from DDoS attack and how to use DDoS protection for free.

How to prevent your website from DDoS:

  • Monitoring Traffic levels of Website: Monitoring the traffic of your website is very much important because the best time for anyone to do DDoS attack on your website is when the traffic starts increasing. There are many events like Christmas, New Year, and Thanks Giving etc. when most of the blog traffic increases regularly. So the best way to prevent this attack is by monitoring the unhealthy increase of traffic on your website and by being alert to manage the traffic.
  • Have an extra bandwidth: Bandwidth is very much important in this case so that when you are having too much traffic on your website, you can use the extra bandwidth to protect your website. If you increase the bandwidth of your website you will not only save your website from the DDoS attack, but also you will be able to get rid of some other cyber-attacks. In fact this is the one of the easiest way to prevent from the distributed denials of service attacks.

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  • Planning in Advance: Another best part to protect your website or blog from such kind of attack is by planning in advance. So why to wait for the DDoS attack to take part on your website. You can simply install some plugin on your website which will notify you whenever your website is down. Not only this, you can also purchase some free DDos Protection to recover the loss if your website is attacked. So why to wait for the attack on your business website, simply use the plugins on your website and you are all safe from the attack.
  • Getting secured hosting: many online business man first time think for going to the shared VPN hosting other than going for the Secured VPN hosting just to save some few $. When you go for shared hosting, you are not getting any IP or space to store your data. So when your website will be attacked all the data will be erased. Instead of saving your few dollars, you should have a secured VPN hosting where you will have your own IP address and enough space where you can store all your site data. So that you can use it whenever you want to.

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  • Suggest your customer on security: If you are having an online business and you don’t want to lose it just because of the DDoS attack, then you must suggest your customer in security. You should always make sure that you suggest your consumer to keep an eye on security, because most of the attacker can get access with the weak password that the customer use. So it is very much important for you to suggest your customer to use some strong password other than their names, phone number or email. To a certain extend this trick will help your business to be secured in this high tech online market.
  • Block the fake IP: Most of the DDoS attacker may attack through the fake IP traffic. So it very much important for you to keep an eye on the traffic and block all the fake IP traffic. As the fake IP traffic may contain virus in them and might attack your website in no time. We know that this process is very time consuming, but it again one of the best option that you can practice on your website. The only thing you need to make sure on this process is that you don’t block the fresh IP.
  • Update and install patches: Also you must take care that you keep on updating all your plugins of platform to the latest version. Because all the platform brings some best security factors on their every update. So you should always use the latest version of everything let it be the platform or the plugins that you are using.
  • Using the Proxy protection: Proxy protection is nothing but it give another layer of protection on your website from all these DDoS attacker and other cyber-attacks. When you use proxy protection on your website you literally hide your real website IP from the attacker. So this is one kind of protection that you can use on your website to protect your online business from shutting down.
  • Look upon the connected devices: In this online technology the hackers can even find their way from the connected device. So you need to be very much careful even before connecting any of your device. As once the hackers get the plug of your device all your data is gone in a minute. So you must make sure that you disconnect the devices from the network after use or switch off, and also verify the device every time you get connected to the network.
  • Using the RST cookies: Here is another easy way to protect your online business from the DDoS attack. Talking about the work of the RST cookies, it actually create a fake ACK+SYN to every client to forward on every IP’s. So when ever any hacker tries to hack your website with the fake IP you will get a notification and can block the hacker for ever. So this is the last and one of the best way to protect your website from the attacks.


So these are all the prevention that you should take care of if you are also running an online business. The DDoS attacks are very risky, as o one attack all your business will be shut down and you will need to rely on offline business. So if you want to run your online business successfully then you must follow the DDoS protection free prevention that are given here and also use a secured VPN hosting other than shared. If you are having any more issues regarding the points then you can comment down in the comment section.

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