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As smartphones are now becoming smarter watching online TV is now more convenient. Hence, we can see an increasing number of online TV app for Android Smartphones. But not all of them would be nice to watch online TV with your Android. As there can be bugs, annoying ads, lag, less number of your favorite channels in the app. So, if you are looking for the top best online TV app for your Android smartphone then this article should help you. In this article, I will give you a complete list for TV app, which works well with all Android Smartphone.


I like to stream TV online with my Android Smartphone and have used many TV streaming apps on my Android device. Trust me most of them just trash, which will just waste your time. So, don’t waste your time as well for the best online TV streaming app for your Smartphone. With my top best list for online TV app, you will be able to stream your all favorite channel and watch TV shows, movies etc. etc. So, to enjoy everything right from your Android device, just download any of the below listed top streaming TV app for Android.

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Top Best Online TV APP for Android Smartphone/Tablet


Kodi has become really popular open-source media player platform. Because of its graphical interface and 10-foot user interface makes it complete entertaining hub for your living room. Downloading this TV streaming app on your Android device, you will be able to stream your locally stored Android media on your TV.

This app could be used as your smartTV’s remote. So, if you want to stream your Android contents in your TV then download it now and enjoy watching with Kodi TV synchronizing app. This can be download free from Google Play Store.

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It is a premium cross-platform streaming app, where you can stream latest movies, trending movies and TV shows. Hulu has many competitors yet manage to be in the top list or becomes people favorite. Downloading the app on your Android device, you can stream all the contents from its one of the biggest library.

You get a free subscription with Hulu app and can opt to a premium subscription to enjoy more entertaining. So, if you are looking for the premium TV streaming app for your Android device then this is highly recommended TV app for you.

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Basically, it is not an app for Android but it is an integrated feature for flagship Android phones. Using this feature, you be able to cast your all feature in your SmartTV. Hence, if you have a SmartTV and want to mirror your device to SmartTV then you should use this Google AllCast feature. And you will be able to cast your videos or media on the bigger screen of your TV.

You can also, view your device pictures and stream your device music to your TV, which is a great feature that you can do with your Android device. If you don’t have this feature by default on your device then you can download it from Google Play Store.


Without this online TV app for Android, this list would be like something is missing. Yes, this one of the most favorite movies and TV streaming app for all platforms.  Hence, you can also download it for Android for free but you would be paying for a subscription for it. This comes with one of the biggest contents to provide you all needed entertainment things.

Having this on your Android Smartphone, you will not be missing your TV while you are outdoor. Just open the app and enjoy streaming you all favorite thing right from your Android device with ease. As said it is available for all platform, and for your Android it free to download.


If you feel Kodi as bulky to use then I would like to recommend you to use Plex. This is really simple media streaming app for your Android app. Though you don’t get as much as Kodi’s available plug-ins but it has some of the important plug-ins that make it simple and perfect for most users. Even as a new user, you will feel it as home for its easy user interfaces.

To play online TV with Plex you will require a Plex server from your computer and be connecting to a Wi-Fi network you can stream all Plex media on your Android device. Download it if you like the feature of this Android TV streaming app from Google Play Store for free.


This is my favorite online TV app for Android smartphone, that I have been using for last 3 years. And the good thing about this is that this app is free to download for your Android device. And you can stream many contents for free and be having this app, you get a full-fledged TV streaming features.

With this feature, you will be able to mirror all your device content on your TV. However, in this app, there are movies, movies trailer, updates will be available; so, if you are crazy about watching movies then this app is recommended to you.

VLC Player:

For a good reason, it is one of the best video player app on all department. But do you know it is also a good online TV streaming app for Android device (works on all platform)? If you are using this app as a media player then it is time to check something different with it. Just turn on internet connection and in the VLC app, you will find pre-installed Android TV just like other.

With, this you will able to stream TV on Android device for free. The quality of streaming videos from this app also quite good and you would feel nice if you already love using VLC player.


If you are Bollywood fan or Indian then this is again highly recommended to you. This app comes with almost 200 channels to stream any channel, let it be sports, movies, TV serial, cartoon channels and much more. Streaming anything here is for free and most importantly it is free to download from Google Play Store.

So, download it now and turn into your Android smartphone as portable TV and will never miss you favorite TV channels, TV episodes, live sports channels.


To watch movies and sports online with Android app, Hotstar also shines in many ways. For ongoing live cricket and football matches, downloading Hotstar app, you can watch them online. You can also, watch free movies in this app. Moreover, most popular TV series such as Games of Thrones, Prison Break, Modern Family, Silicon Valley etc. are free to watch here.

The app is free to download that comes with all Star channels and owned channels. You should try out if you are looking for the best online TV app for Android Smartphone.


Fire and Forget” feature of Pandora I admire a lot, with this feature with a just simple click you can play Android contents on your Smart TV. It was released when Android TV was released and managed to receive many good feedbacks. It allows you streaming TV with no ads and it is free to download.

However, you would require paying for it subscription charge. Moreover, it also a good platform for streaming music that you can enjoy this app as an all-in-one destination.

Final Word

We all do have favorite TV shows and love watching sports channels for our favorite team and to update our self with trending things or news. As an online user, you might get many options but TV is a still good medium for many users. And if you also seek to get online TV app for Android then this is all about top best online TV app for your Android smartphone. Most of the app is free to download and I have enjoyed a lot using these apps as my favorite TV app for Android Smartphone. Just download and experience these apps and stream TV on your Android device like a pro. Do let me know which one is your most favorite TV app by commenting below in the comment section.

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