Meanings of Emoji Faces and Symbols

Not knowing the meaning of Smiley emoji seems to be quite weird, as it has been used by most of the social networking messaging sites. Must be wondering what will be the meaning of Emoji Faces and their symbols right? Well, in simple term we would say that Emojis represents personality where we all use as an expression or emotion while texting or even on online conversation. Therefore, many of us use them so much in our conversation for just conveying our feelings to the other person. In modern times, all thanks to latest technology like Smartphone and the rise of different instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat etc. emoticons are often used by the people.

However, there are numerous emojis which is cool and even new ones are also updated each minute. Apart from that, some emojis are very easy to understand but few emojis seems to be confusing and very hard to understand. So, what does these mean? Here we have listed some of the meanings of emojis which we all use often while having conversation through texting or online chatting as well.

Why Do People Use Emojis?

There is a reason why people use emojis while texting with a person because while having conversation one individual’s facial expression changes quite often. Hence, smiley face is being used so that a message can be conveyed that either that person is smiling or laughing while chatting with the other person. So, without wasting any time let’s move on to the topic; meaning of emojis faces and its symbols.

What are the Meaning of Emojis Faces and its Symbol?

1. Grinning Face:

Grinning face represents a face with a big open mouth showing a smiling face. In simple term, it symbolises when we are excited about something or did something mischievous but realise later, then we send this emoji to our friends.

2. Face with Tears of Joy:

This emojis symbolises a laughing face with tears of Joy, which is always mistaken by the people as tears of sadness. However, this emoji means when his/ her friend cracks some jokes while texting and we laugh out loud then we send this emoji to our friend. This symbolises that the joke was very funny.

3. Smiling Face with Sunglasses:

This emoji symbol wearing sunglass looks so cool and extraordinary right. Therefore, we use this emoji specially when you are satisfied with your friend conversation or agree on a same topic; then we send this emoji to them.

4. Winking Face:

This winking face emoji looks very flirtatious right. This symbol we used when you try to flirt with someone while texting then only we use this emoji, and convey the expression to them.

5. Open Mouth Emoji:

Here the face with open mouth emojis symbolises when he/she is surprised about something. This emoji we use when you tell your friend some kind of secrets which seems to be shocking and unbelievable, then we send this emoji to our friends as a shocking expression about the news.

6. Stuck-out Tongue Emoji:

Stuck-out tongue emoji symbolises a gesture that you are kidding or not serious about. This emoji we use when we tell something which we are not serious at all. For example, you tell a friend that you are going to be a superstar one day but not at all serious about it.

7. Tired Face:

The tired face symbolises the exhaust looking face with an open mouth and slightly eyes closed. This emoji is used especially when you are tired and exhausted from work, then we send this emoji to our friend by conveying this message that you are tired of the whole day work.

8. Worried Face:

A face with a sad look and worry symbolises that a person is worried about someone or some things. This emoji we send when we are worried about your another friends health or sad about something that has happen to you, then we send this emoji to them as a facial expression.

9. Dizzy face:

A face looking dizzy symbolises that either a person is sick or drunk. We use this emoji when we are sick or got drunk and feeling dizzy after drinking lots. We then send this emoji to our friend that expresses our present feelings.

10. Angry Face:

Face with a fierce looking symbolises that a person is either angry, furious or getting grumpy. For example, you are angry with your friend about not supporting you on sports day then we use this emoji which will convey the message that you are angry with your friend.

11. Smiling Face with Halo:

This emojis with a smiling face that has halo on it symbolises that either person has done some good deed or is a good person. Therefore, we use this emoji when you have done something good for some people like helping them in crossing the road, then we send this emoji to our friend as a facial expression. Apart from that, it also represents an angel.

12. Face screaming in Fear:

Face screaming in fear symbolises that a person is scared of something. This emojis where both hands holding the jaw with their open mouth is often used, especially when you have done something bad and are scared of getting caught then we send this emoji to our friend as a facial expression of being scared.

Wrapping Up:

Well, these are the meanings of emoji faces and its symbols. Therefore, these symbols are just amazing through which people can express what they feel or what their mood status is. Apart from that, these emoji symbols are used for entertainment as well, since it is the best way to chat with your friends or loved ones. Not only that, you can also use them when you don’t feel like typing or are busy on something then all these emojis are pretty useful. These will help to express your feelings or the situation that you into. Emojis make our conversation alive makes our chatting fun and also can convey messages to our friends.

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