How To Write a Cover Letter Examples

Job seekers usually attached a Cover Letter along with curriculum vitae. This is how you introduce yourself to be eligible for a desired position. So, how to write a cover letter for job applications? Some of you are still not sure about it. In addition to that, we will help you to put all the potential to start writing a cover letter.


Although, you may be having a very weak resume but a smart cover letter will totally change your job application. Here you will find the entire step by step guide format to write a cover letter. And if you want to get time to time job alert then visit these best job search engine where you will get up to date job alert.

Step By Step Guide to Write a Cover Letter:

To start writing a professional cover letter, this guide is very simple. All you need is follow and get successful in interviews.

But never forget to check a thousand times before submitting the format. Since cover letter is just a single page format, you can send it along with your Resume. Cover Letter usually means;

  • Introducing oneself to the authority
  • Speaking in short about why do you wish to get this job
  • Explaining each qualification that you wrote in your resume
  • Describing about your current qualification and other details

Well, by performing this above points, your resume will be just perfect as how the authority is expecting it to be.

1. Information about Contacts:

When you begin a cover letter firstly, you have to add authority’s contact details and then your own contact information. For example:


The  Secretary
Company’s Address

And then below your own address. Note that you do not make any grammatical errors while writing a cover letter.

2. Starting Introduction:

Now this is the time you have to be formal. Firstly, think how you want to address the Secretary or any other. Would you call dear Sir or Madame or may be to whom it may concern.

Probably dear Sir/Madame will be appropriate rather than to whom it may concern. If you don’t find any of these appropriate then make an effort and research about the company.

Now it is the time to introduce yourself,

First of all, you have to describe about which position you are trying for. And describe about how you will tackle the opportunity.

Indeed, you have to give detail information about your current qualification status. As well about the career you are thinking to.

3. Describe your Previous Job Details:

If you have any previous job experience then share your details with the administration. Also, describe how your past job benefited the company. To make it easier, include all the responsibility that you are given in the previous job. Make sure you write it in the second paragraph of your cover letter.

Also, include in the second paragraph as how you will be fitted for the new company. Apart from that, explain how you can achieve your goals by working in the present company.

4. Summing Up your Cover Letter:

Now, this is the time you have to totally sum up your cover letter. This is also known as call to action button where you have to give write the final conclusion. Let them know that you are very much interested to get this present job. Not only those thank them for reading your valuable letter and give your contact details. Also, let them know that you are very much eager to hear from them. At last end up with handwritten signature of yours along with your name typed in it.

What Else Required!!!!

To maintain a cover letter you must understand few tips and tricks:

  • You must maintain a clean and straight handwriting.
  • Also make sure you fit all the cover letter in one A4 page.
  • 1”- 1.5” space need to be maintained.
  • Do remember to keep all the entire paragraphs on the left side.
  • Give a proof reading to your letter once you are done writing.
  • Also, keep your letter short, meaningful. This means don’t add unnecessary things like your family history and so on. This is because if you write too lengthy letter then people will not be reading it.
  • Lastly, never speak about salary criteria until and unless the company mention it.

Get Started Now:

So, to know how to write a cover letter, follow the 4-steps mention above. Note that, a well writer cover letter will help you to secure your goals and go through the interview board. Write the best letter that will create a positive mark upon you.

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