How To Stream on Twitch With OBS

Twitch is a very popular application for streaming everything live from your PC to the world. If you are a YouTuber and always creating a short videos for your fans, then here with the help of Twitch you have exceed your standard to the next level. Besides, using the Twitch, you can start broadcasting live for your current page or gaming in your PC. One of the best things about Twitch is that you can play a game or any video and record or broadcast live in the Twitch account. There is a section in the Twitch official website where all your broadcast and recorded video will be store in which your viewers can visit and check out your best videos.

Unlike uploading your recorded videos on the YouTube, using the Twitch will give you better tutoring for the game on which you are expert. You can give broadcast yourself using your webcam and also use microphone to broadcast yourself and voice too. While you can also subscribe in a community in which you will be able to discuss about the game live with your friends.

There are much more interesting to unlock, so just follow the below instruction to successfully stream anything on Twitch for your PC gaming.


How to stream on Twitch

To stream any video or broadcast live on Twitch, you first have to create a profile on Twitch. This is a free application in which you can use to upload numerous videos or broadcast.

But, there is one restriction with the Twitch that Twitch account alone cannot broadcast or stream live videos. You must have additional broadcaster software like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). There are also other platforms, by which you can use to broadcast on Twitch. But for the best recommendation, you should download and install the OBS application on your PC to work together with the Twitch.

There is certain setups which you have to follow to make your PC a Live Broadcaster for any games or videos you wish to make them live. So let us start the tutorials below for complete Twitch profile and its ways for using the Twitch Account.

Step #1: Create Twitch Profile on your PC

Before you start, you first have to create a Twitch Account for using it.

  • To Sign up with Twitch- Click here
  • Now you will be redirected to the sign up page, you can create an account using your Email or simply sign up using your Facebook account.
  • Click on the Facebook button and enter your Username and password to sign-up
  • Next you will be asked to provide an username & password for your new Twitch Account
  • Finally, you have to verify your Email ID where an email will be sent. Open and click on the Verify Email to complete the sign-up process.

Note: After you have created a profile on Twitch, now you are free to use your account. You can access to the dashboard in which you will broadcast anything. But before that, you still need the OBS software to operate the broadcast function. So follow the below procedure to download and install OBS on your PC.


Step #2: Steps to Download OBS on your PC

OBS is a very important software, only by which you can capture or broadcast any video live. The OBS is also free to download which requires an installation before you use the Twitch Dashboard.

  • To download the OBS- Click here
  • This will redirect you to the Twitch official site from which you can download the video broadcaster software. There are also other platform which you can use but for the best usability download the OSB.
  • Now click on the OSB and download the file. And install on your PC.
  • After you have downloaded OSB now you have to setup a following process to sync your Twitch account along with the OSB.

Configure your OSB

  1. Open the OSB and click on Settings.

  2. Now under the Setting, click on the General. Here you can enter your preferred language and profile.
  3. Next you have click on the Encoding- then enable the CRB> enter the Bitrate and buffer size to 1800 (for best performance). And finally click on the Apply button.
  4. Finally, go to the Broadcast Setting to sync your OBS with the Twitch account. Under this section you have to make changes in the certain important functions like- Mode: enter the Live Stream. Streaming Service: Copy your Twitch Profile link and paste in this section. Server: under this you have select your current location. Stream Key: Now copy the stream key from your Twitch profile. Finally, Dashboard Link: Simply open your dashboard on another tab on your browser and copy the link and paste it here.
  5. Now the Sync process of both Twitch and OBS profile is complete. From now on you can easily go live and broadcast anything through your Twitch Dashboard.

Step #3: Configure your First Broadcast or live streaming on Twitch

Well, after both the above steps are completed then you can start streaming or broadcasting your first game of PC on Twitch.

Follow the below procedure to make your first broadcast-

  1. Open your Twitch profile and enter into your dashboard. To enter into the dashboard click on the account icon located on the top right above the screen. And click on the dashboard.
  2. Next you will enter into the dashboard in which you will have to search for the game which you want to broadcast. You should enter a title, game categories and other informative detail to start a broadcast. (Make sure you enter the games which Twitch is supported).
  3. Now open you OBS application again on your PC. One the tab, you will find a Sources box, right click on this section which will display a list of options. Now you must select Add and finally click on the Game Capture.
  4. Next, enter the game which you have currently added on the twitch which will help you sync to each other for live broadcasting. And finally click on the OK button to complete.
  5. Now you have to manage the preview of the screen. Simply right click the Sources box, this will appear Scene in which you will find Monitor Capture and Video Capture device both must be tick to continue. Finally now adjust the volume n microphone sound which you would capture. Finally, click on the Preview Stream to start the live broadcasting on Twitch.
  6. Finally, now you are done with the live broadcasting and anyone who is currently using the Twitch will able to find your live broadcasting from the official Twitch website.


So these are the complete details by which you can easily get yourself stream on Twitch and become famous with your gaming skills. Why only play online and chat with text messages, when you can broadcast yourself and pass comment while playing the game. It would be much more interesting for playing the game in real-life when you can show how you have completed the level of the game. Besides, there are also other functions of OBS application that will help you record every action which you are using on your PC. Create a Twitch account and download the OBS software on your PC now and enjoy the best gaming experience live on Twitch.

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