How To Install a Graphics Card in Computer

Lots of people have been facing problem installing a Graphics Card on their computer. Discussing about the Graphics Card installation, the procedure is perhaps one of the simplest one in all aspects of building assembly. Different from the GPU installation, as the video card does not possess similar type of the flexibility like that of the pins of the socket. Before we get started on how to install a Graphics Card there are few thing you should know about.

There are a few dissimilarities between a GPU and the Graphics card. GPU is the short term for the graphics processing unit and is the physical silicon package that comes as mounted to the video card by the manufacturer. Many of the builders will be using the GPU and the video card, but there are some technical differences between it.


Graphics card plays a very important role in your computer as it supports the game and quality of the video game look more real. A better and improve version of graphics cards is very helpful to your computer. It is very useful for those who love to play game high graphics contents games into their PC.  If you are one of the computer users who wish to install a graphics card, then you have visited the right page.

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What are the steps to Install a Graphics Card?

Installing a graphics card brings so many benefits in a computer from improvement to performance. Powerful Graphics card will unlock the features of the gaming abilities on your PC.  Most of the computer graphics card comes as built-in or some can be installed too. Here, we will explain to you the ways to install the Graphics card on your PC. Just follow the instructions that are shown below in few steps.

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Step 1: Removing the blanking plate

Firstly, you will need to search and locate “PCI Express X16 Slot”. After that remove the connected blanking plate while you are deciding to fit the double-height card. And remove the blanking plate which lies on another expansion slot too. It is to note, that most of the blanking plates comes as screwed in on place particularly. If not, they are just located in one single place with a single retaining bar. Where’s, most of them are just lifted out and others remain associated to the case. And they just needed to be snap out either backwards or forward.

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Step 2: Plugging the Card into the Slot

Now that, you have already worked on the blanking plate, you can now freely enter the card into the case. Plugging card into slot is quite a simple and easy task to perform. Here all you have to do is just line up the Graphics Card connector along with the slot into the case. The position of the card must be pointed at the direction of the fan at the bottom line of the case. By giving some pressure from the both sides on the card will place it, on the right position where it has to fit. When you notice that the card slots is actually sticking out then give a little push appropriate side.

Step 3: Screw the card in the right position

Removing of blanking plate will actually deal with the way, how you had attached the Graphics Card in a right way or not. It is strongly recommended to have a glance on the manual to get more proper details. Basically at many times you will have to screw the card into the right place, by simply lining up the on the top most position of the connector with the screw hole, make sure to screw in the exact place to make sure that the Card could not make a move into the slot.

Step 4: Make a connection to the power adaptor

Usually we have already witnessed that many of the Graphics Card needs a secondary power source to run. For this you will require a reliable PCI Express six-pin power connector. And it mostly comes out as bundled with the graphics card. To connect the PCI express power connector there is one single place to plug it and be easily done.

Also you can follow this video tutorial:


Now that you have successfully completed performing each steps on how to install a graphics card. The processing of installing the Graphics Card on your computer is very simple and easy. After completing the Graphics cards that you have finished mounting on your PC. It is suggested to visit the website of the manufacturer of the card, to download its latest graphics driver package to run the OS of your computer. Due to the large size of the graphics driver, it will take a long time to download the file depending on the internet network connection.

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