How To Disable Cortana Completely in Windows 10 PC

Microsoft is all about creating innovations. Cortana is such a kind of innovative creation that works basically as intelligent personal assistant for Windows and other Platforms. This personal assistant can set reminders for you. Also, it can recognise your voice without any keyboard input. The search engine suited for Cortana’s assistance is Bing Search Engine. Searches made via Bing open all the links by Microsoft Edge. Using Cortana does not require you to click on the search button.


This amazing personal assistance software could be disabled by simply flipping the switch in digital assistant settings of Windows 10. But in the course of anniversary update of Windows 10, Microsoft removed this option. Thus, the advent of the topic How to Disable Cortana came under lime light. Though there is no obvious way to disable Cortana from your device, but still it can be made possible by following certain not so obvious methods. In here, I will be suggesting you the method to disable this personal assistance software. Before advancing through the procedure you need to perform registry edit which is undoubtedly quick and easy. Registry edit follows the proceeding steps mention explicitly here in.

How to Disable Cortana: Exciting Features

Well, before starting with how to disable this exciting personal assistance software from your device, let me point out some exciting features this software is possessing.

  • Cortana has power built ability to set reminders for time, places and people.
  • You can use your own language to search anything in web via Bing search engine.
  • Also, the voice search can be made to find any file or folder in your computer.
  • It is a great song identifier. It works just exactly as Goggle Now, Siri, and apps like Shazam to search for the song played nearby you.
  • Cortana always use Bing as its search engine. But, if it does not find anything in Bing then it will open your default web browser to have a search.
  • You can perform quick calculations and conversions.
  • There are lot of search and update options available from tracking flights and packages to finding facts. Also, checking weather, getting directions, settings alarms, sending emails and creating calendar events.

Thus, the bunch of exciting features this truly intelligent personal assistance software is holding. The growing acceptance made Microsoft to fix it completely in the Windows 10 set up at its anniversary. But, as said above, down below is the procedure of disabling this software.

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How to Disable Cortana: Steps to Turn Off

Disabling Cortana follows some elongated and extended steps. Since Microsoft made Cortana permanently set up in Widows 10 that is the reason why you need to follow such elongated methodology of disabling it.

  • Before editing the Windows registry it is better and safe to create a system restore point. The entire process takes just a minute, so move ahead to continue. The easiest way is to search in Cortana for “restore point”.
  • Let us now start with registry hacking. Open the Run interface by pressing Win key and R together. Type “regedit” in the box of the Run interface and press Enter. Well, it depends on the security settings to permit Windows to run the Registry Editor.
  • As soon as the Registry Editor opens up navigate to the folder in the left hand side navigation panel. The flowchart follows to select Software from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. This will proceed by selecting Policies. After selecting Policies you must proceed to select Microsoft. This will again then be followed by Windows and finally by Windows Search.
  • Here comes the tricky part. Windows Search folder might not be available or you might not be able to find it. In that case, put a right click on the Windows folder select New and then select Key. Name the Key as Windows Search.
  • In the Windows Search folder that you have selected from the left hand side navigation panel, put a right click in the Window’s main portion to select New followed by DWORD (32 bit) Value. You will see a new listing have been appeared in the main pane. It is ready to be named, thus, give it a small easy to remember name, for example Allow Cortana.
  • Double click on Allow Cortana and a box will pop out. In that box make it confirmed that the Value Data is zero (0). Then the only step left is to click on OK or press Enter.
  • Close the Registry Editor and sign out from Windows 10. Signing back in to the Windows 10 will make the Cortana completely fade away. The former field of this personal assistance software will remain in the Windows 10 task bar. But, it will now read as “Search Windows”.

Here lies the whole lot of steps and procedures on How to Disable Cortana. The steps when followed will classify your device totally manual one. You cannot have a smart search any more to find your files or “pictures from June” in your gallery. You also cannot set smart reminders or personalised news events or even asking any goofy questions.

Final word

But, if you think that Cortana is totally dead then you are wrong. If paid attention you will see it lurking in the Task Manager. However times you kill it, it will again revive to life. If you want to wipe out the previous memories of Cortana, then go to the dashboard website of Microsoft’s Privacy. Sign in to your Microsoft account and get all your personal data cleared up. But be cautious during the process as your choice may affect other services of Microsoft like Bing, Edge and Maps. You may decide to incorporate Cortana into your system once again, for that you simply need to follow the above steps of How to Disable Cortana. When it comes to Registry Editor simply set the value to one (1) in place of zero (0).

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