How Much is Netflix Subscription Prices For a Month?

If you are looking for the best app where you can watch your favorite movies, animes, TV shows etc. then Netflix is the best. In Netflix, you can watch all your favorite movies, TV shows etc. There are also many features of Netflix which have made this app one of the best streaming app online. But the only issue is you will need to pay a monthly subscription to get all the features. If you are a newbie you can get free account subscription for one month but at last, you will need to pay the subscription after the free accounts get over. So now the main question is how much is Netflix subscription.

Many may be thinking that Netflix is very costly. As you may compare the price with the cable operators price. But as you are getting all the amazing features in just one app and, you can watch any of your favorite movies or TV shows whenever you want, the price is normal. So in this content, you are going to know about  and its features.

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Full Features of the Netflix:

So first let’s start with the features that you are going to get when you do the premium subscription of Netflix. Some of the features may be available in other plans too. So let’s have a brief look at the features.

Watching in HD:

You can watch all your favorite movies, TV shows, animes etc. anywhere in full HD quality. But if you are subscribed to the Basic plan then you will not get this feature on your account. But you can get this features in the other two plans i.e. in Standard and Premium plans.

Huge Database:

As we have already mentioned that Netflix is having one of the huge databases of shows, movies etc. So you can easily find your favorite shows or movies by simply searching. As you are getting access to all their database in all the three subscription plans.

Multiple screens:

This is one of the amazing features of the Netflix. As you can watch the same movie or episode on different screen at the same time with one account. For example, if you are watching a movie on your phone then you can even throw it on your TV so that all your families can also watch it with you. So this is the most amazing features of the Netflix which you will not get in any other online streaming app.

Handy and easy:

The Netflix app is very easy to use as you can easily get access to your favorite shows or movies in one click. So you can watch it whenever you want, only the thing is you will need a good internet connection on your device. Enjoying your favorite shows is very easy with this app. So now you don’t need to worry if you have missed your favorite shows on TV, as you can watch it on Netflix.

Irritating commercial breaks:

Everyone knows that watching anything in TV channels are very irritating as there are lots of commercial ads. But here in Netflix, you will not get any of these annoying commercial ads when you are watching anything. So you can watch your favorite movies or shows in a short period as there is no advertisement.

Easy Cancellation:

Maximum people do think that once you subscribe Netflix on any plan you cannot cancel the subscription. But the cancellation process is very easy as you haven’t done any agreement with the Netflix. So if you are unsatisfied or want to jump to any other app or plan then you can simply cancel the subscription, by going to your profile. So you see you can easily cancel the subscription in some few clicks whenever you want.

So these are all the features that you are getting on using Netflix on your device for watching your favorite movies, TV shows or animes. With all these amazing features, Netflix is the best app to stream anything online. As we are done with all the features of Netflix, now let’s have a look at how much is Netflix subscription.

How much is Netflix Subscription?

Now coming to the point, you can subscribe Netflix in three different plans BasicStandard, and Premium like in the picture given below. As all the plans are having some amazing features, so let’s have a brief look at the pricings and the features of the three Netflix plans.

Basic Plan:

So starting with the basic plan, you will need to pay an amount of Rs. 500 each month for this plan. As this is the basic pan, so you will not get many features but you will be getting full access to its huge database, watch your favorite movies or shows anywhere on your laptop, TV or phone using the same account, you can cancel the subscription at any time. But in this basic plan, you are not getting the features of watching on multiple screens at the same time. If you are taking Netflix just for watching movies of shows on your phone then this plan is perfect.

Standard Plan:

In the Standard plan you will need to pay Rs. 650 per month which is just Rs.150 higher than the basic plan. The features are like you are able to watch movies or shows in HD quality, watch in multiple screen at the same time upto 2 screen, access to its huge database, cancel subscription anytime. So you are getting all this amazing features by just play Rs.150 extra then the Basic plan. This is one of the best plan that you can go for, if you are planning to subscribe to Netflix.

Premium Plan:

For the Premium plan you will need to pay Rs. 800 every month as you are getting full features. The features of the Premium plan are like watch anything in HD and in Ultra HD, you can watch movies or shows upto 4 screen at the same time. Also all other features like, access to the huge database, cancel the plan anytime you want, watch on any device using the same account and much more. So you are getting all this features in the Premium plan.

So these are the plans, cost and the features of the Netflix. You can pick any plans that you like, as the price are still not the highest in comparison to the features. So this is how much is Netflix subscription.

Final Word

Here are all the features of the Netflix, also we have given the price and the plans of Netflix subscription. So by now, you are clear about how much is Netflix subscription, so just pick the plan according to your needs. As all the plans can be canceled any time safely, so you don’t need to hesitate for choosing any plans. Simply pick any plan and start enjoying all the amazing features of the Netflix on your device at anyplace.

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