Best Free Duplicate File Finder and Remover for MAC and PC

Most of the time, we use Mac or PC as a storehouse for all our files and document. If we take a picture, or shoot videos, or download some important documents file like PDF; we all store them on our Mac or PC. This way we can secure all our file and reuse them anytime we need. Now imagine if you’re PC or Mac is full and running out of space which you cannot format as you also have stored so many important files in it. So what would you do? The only solution you have is to open each and every specific folder on your machine, watch them all one-by-one, and sort them as a duplicated or useless file, then you will able to delete. While in this process to sort out more than thousands of folder and more than 10-thousands of file one-by-one is a really the most difficult job. This may take you 5-6 hours of continues sitting along with your Mac or PC without rest. This is a very frustrating and both time & energy consuming task which is very hard to tolerate.


While there is also innovative and smart way by which you can finish the 5-6 hours task in just few minutes. Using the Duplicate File Finder and Remover tools for both PC and Mac can easily save your time and also delete all the duplicated files instantly. You can download Free as well as Paid tools to find and remove duplicate file for both PC and Mac. And in our top 10 list you will also get the best choice either free or paid, so that you can choose the best which suit your style.

Top 10 Best Free Duplicate File Finder and Remover for Mac and PC

Well, there are so many computer scanning tools available for downloads but most of them are not equally important. You have to get a special Duplicate File Finder and Remover tools for Mac as well as for windows PC. And both the platforms will work fine if you use the right tools.

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So we have listed the best Free Duplicate file finder & remover for both PC and Mac below.

  1. Gemini2

Gemini2 is a smart tools for Mac that will help you to find Duplicate files and instantly allow you to remove them. When you have so many duplicate files and they are useless simply consuming your space in your PC, then you should get rid of them all.

And if you got a lot of files and could not detect the duplicates, then Gemini2 will help you find out all. With only a one click you can easily get the result and remove them manually. You can try them for free and also buy the premium version starting @$19.95USD.

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  1. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a very smart duplicate file finder for Windows PC. This tool is specially designed for detecting all the similar or duplicate files stored in your system and delete them to spare some space.


They are free to download and compatible to all the windows PC. So get this tools installed in your PC and start scanning your machine and remove all the file now.

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  1. MacKeeper

MacKeeper is a free and smart duplicate finder plus cleaner for Mac. You can clean your Mac, enable security and also find duplicated files from your Mac. All you have to do is download this Tool in your Mac and run the application.


This tools will automatically scan your Mac and find out all the relevant duplicated files, image, videos and other files. Finally, you can manually choose the files which you can delete from your Mac.

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  1. Ashisoft Duplicate finder

Ashisoft duplicate File finder & duplicate photo finder is free to download for windows PC. If you are having so many file or photo which are duplicated and you have to delete them as to free some space in your OC.


And using the smart and advance tools like Ashisoft will get you all the useless file to delete them immediately.

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  1. Duplicate Detective

This is also a smart duplicate file finder where you can find duplicate image, music, video, documents file which have been mistakenly copied in your PC. You should all this files as they are taking much of your PC space and making your machine slower.

With the help of Duplicate Detective you can easily detect and delete the files which are useless. You can try on the free trial and also you could buy the full version @ $4.99USD.

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  1. Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate cleaner is a tools for windows PC. If you are running out of space and instantly you need to clear some of your files, then scan the machine with Duplicate cleaner. Now you will get a list of duplicated files which you can easily delete manually from your PC.

This tools will detect all type of files like Jpeg, Mp3, Mp4, Videos and other documents file. Once detected you can also manually save or delete the file. There is also a pro version which you have buy for unlocking all the features to the fullest.

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  1. DupeGuru

DupeGuru is another great tools for finding Duplicates and doubles files stored in your Mac. If you have to clean your Duplicate files one-by-one by browsing all your memory is really going to take much time and waste lots of energy.

So you should get a smart tools like DupeGuru that will help you detact all the duplicate files and similar file which is no longer require in your PC. Delete them manually and find save a lot of memory space from your PC. This tool is free to download for Mac.

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  1. AntiTwin

Anti-Twin is a free tools for finding duplicates and removing it from your PC. They are very esy to use, simply download the free tools and scan your machine to find duplicate files and finally delete those duplicate files manually.

The most interesting thing about this tools is that they detect byte to byte and compare in percentage to find out the similarity.

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  1. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate finder comes for both Windows PC and Mac. If you are having so many duplicate files and are tired of searching them and deleting them one-by-one then you should have a smarter tools. With help of Easy Duplicate Finder, you can easily scan your whole computer and find out the duplicated files which are present in your PC.


Now select those files manually and choose which to delete and which to save, finally delete all the files which are unnecessary.

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  1. Duplicate Filter

Duplicate Filter is tools for both PC and Mac, which will allow you to find duplicate file and remove them all from your system.

This is a very to use tools, simply download and start scanning for the duplicate files. This tool is free to download and are easily compatible to your Mac or PC.

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So these are the top 10 Best Free Duplicate File Finder and Remover for MAC and PC which will help you to detect the duplicate as well as most relevant files. After the detection, now you can delete the file and spare some space in your PC or Mac. All of them are free to download but looking at the features, even the premium is worth to use for unlocking better features. Hope you have found out your best Duplicate finder & remover for your PC or Mac and download one to start using the tools.

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