How To Fix Windows 10 start menu not working Error?

Windows is one of the best operating systems that you can use for your work purpose. As in Windows OS PC, you can download and install any software from the internet for free and you can also transfer files easily through drivers. But all these things are not possible in the other OS like Mac, Linux etc. There are many version of Windows, and the latest version is the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Even though Windows is the best OS for you, but there are also lots of Windows error which will really irritate you at some point. The latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 10 has also got many errors and one of the most common error is the Windows 10 start menu not working.

The error Windows 10 start menu not working is very annoying because the start menu not working means, you are unable to switch or shut down your PC securely. There are some of the best ways by doing which you can easily get rid or prevent this error of Windows 10 i.e. Start menu not working. So in this content, you are going to know about the steps that you need to follow to get rid of this error. But the steps may contain some technical works, so if you are not expert then you can get it done by any professionals.

How to Fix Windows 10 Start menu not working error:

Before the following the below given steps, we must ask you to back all the essential files. As the steps may ask you to update your Windows version again or reinstall Windows which may delete all the files from your Windows PC. So before following any step, you must make sure that you have a backup of every file from your PC. Now let’s have a look at the below given steps to fix windows 10 start menu not working error.

Method 1. Restart Your PC:

Sometimes restarting your PC may help you in fixing this error, as sometimes this error may also be caused due to some error while running the OS. So simply get your PC restart to solve this error. Now you may think how to restart as Start menu of the Windows isn’t working.

So simply follow the key we have given ctrl+alt+delete button after you enter this key you will see an option for Shutdown, so simply change it to Restart and then click on the OK button. Not the PC will get automatically restarted and we are sure that the error will get fixed if it is not Windows issue. But if the error Windows 10 Start menu not working is not fixed, then you can jump in the second option.

Method 2. Creating a new user account:

If the trick of restarting your Windows PC didn’t work in fixing the error, then you can also try creating and loggin in with another user account. So for creating a new account you will need to follow the following procedure that is given here:

  • To create a new user simply right-click on the Taskbar and then open the Task Manager.
  • Now in the header section of the Task Manager click on the “File” option and then select to the “Run New Task” options
  • Now select the option “Create this task” option and you will see a new tab in your desktop screen and you will see some username and password.
  • So simply change the old username and Password with the new one like in the example given below.

net user your new username password new /add

  • After completion of giving new username and password, you can close the taskbar and then restart your PC like the first method.
  • But when you log into the Windows after restarting, log in with the new user account.

We are very sure that after doing this the error Windows 10 start menu is not working will get fixed easily. The error will get fixed only when the error is caused due to account error or some apps error. So if the error on your Windows 10 is not yet resolved then here is the third method for you.

Method 3. Reinstalling Windows app:

If both the first and the second method failed to fix Windows 10 start menu not working error. Then you can try reinstalling all the Windows app, as because most of the time the error occurs because of the Windows apps that you are using on your Windows computer. So let’s check out how to reinstall Windows app easily.

  • For reinstalling all the Windows app you will first need to go to the Taskbar of your PC.
  • After you open the Administrator task bar, now go to the Administrator Windows PowerShell.
  • Now simply paste the script that we have given below

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage – DiasbleDevelopmentMode -Register


  • So after you paste it in the Windows PowerShell ignore some red lines and simply close all the tabs and then restart the PC.

After restarting the PC on following all this procedure the error Windows 10 start menu is not working will easily get it fixed. So by following all these methods you will be easily able to fix Windows 10 Start menu not working error automatically.


So when ever you face such errors in your latest Windows version that is the Windows 10. Then simply follow the above three methods for how to fix Windows 10 Start menu not working error. But as we have said that if you are not expert in any technical things then you can get it done by some of the professionals. We are very sure that if you follow all the three methods the errors will get resolved easily. If you are having any more methods by using which you can fix this annoying error of your Windows 10.

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