How To Fix SSL Connection Error Code err_ssl_protocol_error Google Chrome Latest

Google Chrome remains a favorite and a trustworthy browser for all internet users. It is one of the safest browser so maximum people are using it for internet surfing.

It is free from any type of vulnerability and malicious function rather it notifies you for every types of unauthorised and unsecure use and connection. There are different types of Google Chrome error you might have faced and among all Err_SSL_Protocol_Error is common and most frequent.

This frequent issue on Google Chrome might annoying you and can’t able to detect the main reason behind this Google chrome Err_SSL_Protocol.


You might be thinking that it is a bug or error of Google Chrome but as we all know Chrome is a trustworthy and safest browser so there is no chance to exist a single error in it.

Simply if Chrome detects an error on your network, connection or server then it displays error which is basically known as Google Chrome error. For different types of error they notify you by different error code or terms which you need to solve to continue your browsing.

Here in this post we are going to reveal some steps and ways, how to solve chrome SSL error- SSL protocol error.

How to fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error on Google Chrome

There is not any universal way to deal with Err_SSL_Protocol_error chrome problem, so you have to solve it by following our methods one by one. Let’s check the steps.

Check your system date and time:

If your system date and time is not correct then some browser won’t be able to load SSL certificate properly. It might be a reason behind this chrome error. So go to your device date and time settings and check to ensure whether it matches the current date and time. Now open the browser and check. If it till displays the error then try our next method.

Turn off Antivirus:

People may face this problem while browsing from PC or Smartphone. Sometime antivirus or internet security apps that you have installed might put some obstacles or blocks SSL connection. When it happens browser won’t be able to load SSL certificate that leads to   Err_SSL_Protocol_Error.

So if you have faced this problem and changing date and time not working then your next step is to turn off system antivirus or remove blocked IP or web address from your firewall.

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Restore or change host file:

Site that you are searching if already present in your system host file then you will face this error. Sometime some unwanted programs called virus can modify the host file and the reason for which browser can’t able to generate SSL for the site that you are searching. Now you have to restore your system host file. To remove it, go to this location       “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and delete the host file.

You can do this task in different way. Open the host file with any text editor and remove the IP address or website name from the host file and Click to save. If any unwanted program modified the host file then by deleting or changing the host file contents will fix this Google Chrome err_ssl_protocol_error.

Clear SSL

If there present many junks in the SSL State then you might face this SSL connection error on Google Chrome .So to handle this problem you have to clear SSL state. To clear, click on Windows Start Menu and go to Control Panel. You will get different categories in Control panel page. Click on the Network and Internet followed by Network and sharing center. Now you have to click on the Inter Options. Once you clicked a dialog box will appear named Internet properties. Now from its menu click on Content and then click to Clear SSL State.


After you have clicked, you will get an alert from windows “The SSL cache was successfully cleared” then Click OK and close the window. If err_ssl_protocol_error occurs due to SSL state then by deleting or clearing SSL State you can overcome from this annoying issue.

Uninstall Chrome Extension:

For different purpose you might be using some Google Chrome extensions. Sometimes due to some of your extensions this error may occur. As some extension block some website, reason for which this error occurs. So you need to identify the extension to disable it. To disable any extension click on the three dots present in the right end portion of the Google Chrome search bar. Then click on the More tools option and next click on Extension.  You are now in the Extension page and there present list of all extension. From here you can disable the one that causing problem.

Clear Cache:

Every time you are browsing, Google Chrome saves some information those are called cache and cookies. Sometime this ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR occurs due to it. So to fix this problem you need to clear all cache and cookies of Chrome browser.

Internet Security And Privacy Level:

This is our last method to deal with this error. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR occurs due to various reasons and above I have listed all possible solutions. If all the above solutions not working in your case then this last method must works.

You can set your system internet security level and sometimes High internet security level may encounter this Google SSL error. High security level sometimes blocks some connections that ultimately results this error.  So if this problem occurs for that, you need to change the security level to medium or low.


To change your internet security level open your windows Control panel and select internet option category. Now click on Security option and set it to medium or low level.


These are the different scenarios for which you are facing Google Chrome err_ssl_protocol_error. Above we have listed all possible methods that cover all possibilities with solution to deal with Google chrome browser SSL connection error. There are different types of error that Google Chrome shows if it finds any unsafe and malicious functions in Web address or on your system file. There are different types of solution for different types of error and here in this post we are sharing solutions for a common and a frequent problem. If you are facing this err_ssl_protocol_error problem then try our all the methods mentioned above one by one and get out from this annoying error.

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