How To Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS in Google Chrome Back Button

Hello friend, here we are back with the solution of common problem ERR_CACHE_MISS while we are working on Google chrome browser.

This is the most common and most irritating problem. Most of the people who uses internet have used this browser for once. If you are using Google Chrome, then you’re really enjoying a better and safer browser.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used internet browser in the world. This web browser is built by Google Inc., and it is well known for its fast speed.

However, sometimes things go wrong, and because of unusual behaviour of system you may encounter some problems with it.

One of the most common problem in Google Chrome browser is Confirm Form Resubmission: Err_Cache_Miss error. It will suddenly appear, along with a white error page and a primary error message: Confirm Form Resubmission, and a sub error message: Err_Cache_Miss. There are many causes that can create this problem.

Most of the people face this problem of Confirm form resubmission Err_Cache_Miss error in Google Chrome. Even in facebook like box you can face this problem “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS”. People’s reaction would be to panic when they get this error.

But i want to tell you that in this world there have no problem which have no solution. So, don,t be panic.

Though this problem is related to “Cache”, and all of the web browsers uses it to deliver content fast. But sometimes settings misbehave and causes this problem.

When you will get confirm form resubmission err_cache_miss error in Google Chrome, then you will not get access to the web page you are trying to open. You’ll left with only option to move to other website.

You may see this error as below:

Confirm Form Resubmission

This webpage requires data that you entered in order to be properly displayed. You can send this data again, but by doing so you will repeat any action this page previously performed. Press the reload button to resubmit the data needed to load the page.


This error shows up in your browser at 3 condition and those are:

  • while accessing some some particular websites or maybe your browser also won’t load any image 
  • Having the error in your browser’s “dev tool” while analyzing the code.
  • Having this error while opening your own website.

If you are among the people who is searching for Err_Cache_Miss Chrome fixed solutions, then you’ve landed on the correct page. Here in this post we are going to tell you about what is Err_Cache_Miss Google Chrome error, what are causes of Err_Cache_Miss error and how to fix Err_Cache_Miss error in Google Chrome.

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Now, i hope you think what is Err_Cache_Miss in Chrome? so, before enter in this main post, here is your answers:

So, the first thing what I’m gonna talk about is, what is this error and why is this happening with your computer?

What Is Err_Cache_Miss Error? 

Due to some bugs, corrupted extensions this error maybe occurred in your browser. The Main reason of  this error occurred when your browsers having some problem with caching that particular website or web app’s cache because of some bad coding in that website or app.

So, now before you get bored lets get enter the how to fix err_cache_miss in chrome process. Here we share the all possible way to fix this issue in step by step. Just follow the steps and get rid of this error.

How To Fix Err_Cache_Miss Error In Google Chrome

Method #1. Reload The Current Webpage

The first thing you can do to fix Err_Cache_Miss error is trying reloading the web page again. There could be some server side issues or website cache issues which are creating this problem.

Before making any changes to your system or settings, try reloading the web page once. Your problem could be solved easily.

So, how to do that:

To reload the web page, simply press F5 in Google Chrome, or you can also click on refresh button on the menu bar. If the problem still persists, then follow other methods.

Method #2. Fix Err_Cache_Miss Error Using Developer Tools

Another method is somewhat advanced and you should only follow this if you know what are you doing.

In this method you will need to open Developer Tools of Chrome Browser to look and fix ERR_Cache_Miss error. If you don’t know anything about Google Chrome developer tools option, then don’t worry.

Below we have shared step by step procedure to fix confirm form resubmission ERR_Cache_Miss error Chrome.

  • First of all you will have to visit Developer Tools option in Chrome browser. To do this, just click on the 3 dots or menu button located on the top right side in Chrome.
  • Now you will have to click on the More Tools and select the Developer Tools. Moreover you can also try Ctrl + Shift + I shortcut keys to open Developer tools quickly.
  • On this screen, a list of all available options will appear, you have to select Clear Storage option located on the top left.
  • Finally, select the Cache and Cookie and also those other applications which you want to clean.
  • Finally, when you are ready, just tap on Clear Site Data to complete the process.

Method #3. Clear Google Chrome Cache To Solve Err_Cache_Miss

Sometimes you may need to clear your browser browsing and cache data in order to solve ERR_CACHE_MISS error.

Though cache helps websites to load faster, but if you’ve not cleaned your browser or browsing history from a long time, then there might be some junk files in there. They may cause problems with other websites and hence you get confirm form resubmission err cache miss error while visiting websites.

The simplest method to fix this problem among all here is clearing browsing and cache data. Here’s how you can do it with Google Chrome:

  • First of all close all tabs and other programs you are running.
  • Now open Chrome app and click on 3 dots (menu button) from top-right corner of the screen.
  • Next you have to click on More Tools, and then Clear browsing data.

  • Now you will be taken to a new page where you can see settings related to your browser.
  • Now in to pop-up that appeared on your screen, make sure all items are selected. If something is not selected, just select it.
  • One important thing to remember here is that you have to select the option “obliterate the following items from: the beginning of time”.

  • Click on clear browsing data and wait for the process to finish.
  • Once the process is complete, just restart your computer, open Google Chrome again, and try opening the website to see if problem is fixed or not.

Method #4. Err_Cache_Miss Problem Solution Using CMD

CMD or Command Prompt is another useful tool which comes pre-installed with every Windows Operating System.

If you are facing confirm form resubmission chrome error often, then you can try resetting your network settings using CMD. Doing this will reset your network adapters (Ethernet, wireless and more) and then you can start using internet like on a new machine.

To fix Err_Cache_Miss error in Chrome, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all you will have to open Command Prompt with administrator rights.
  • Type CMD in Start menu, and right click on CMD option.
  • Select Run As Administrator.

  • A new confirmation pop-up will appear on your screen, just click on Yes.
  • Now you will be taken to a new CMD tab.
  • Do note that in this window you will have to run some commands in it. Enter one command, and press enter. Then proceed to the next one.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

  1. Once you have entered each command one by one, your Err_Cache_Miss problem must be solved. Just restart your computer system and open Chrome to check if Err_Cache_Miss problem is fixed or not.

Method #5: Use Chrome Cleanup Tool

To fix this issue you can use a software called Chrome cleanup tool. This is a very useful tool to get rid of this error. This software clean the file such as crashes, unusual startup pages or toolbars, unexpected ads by scanning your chrome browser.


Download this amazing app from given link below:

   Download Chrome Cleanup Tool

We hope now you know about how to fix Confirm form resubmission Err_Cache_Miss back button error in Google Chrome browser in Windows. As we told earlier that there’s no specific reason behind this error, so you have to try following every step mentioned above to fix it.

Confirm form resubmission err cache miss message can be displayed in other ways too. If you are looking for net::err_cache_miss chrome back button fix Android, then we’ll share a guide about it soon.

Though there are many ways available out there on how to turn off confirm form resubmission Chrome, but above mentioned methods are best among them.

You can also try Err_Cache_Miss Chrome back button trick to fix this issue. If you know about other methods to solve Err_Cache_Miss Android problem, then do let us know about them via comments below.

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