Bluescreen Error: dpc_watchdog_violation Windows 10 Fix 2018 [Updated 2018]

For Windows operating system computer user dpc_watchdog_violation windows 10 is common issue. It is an irritating update error that appears on the device screen at the time performing windows update. This is considered to be the most annoying errors that you might have ever faced on your device.


When this error takes place you will witness a blue screen and also the mouse pointer will get stuck. It may also lead to the failure of program, at the time you launch your device after the OS updates gets completed.

Speaking of the dpc watchdog violation errors it happens after the system get crash. Also takes place when the computer displays the blue screen of death and it is troublesome.

After this happens the device user will find several issues factor such as hard incompatibility, corrupted files and fault drivers, etc. This problem can be fixed and for that all you have to do is these solutions as provided below.

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What are the possibilities of DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION_WINDOWS 10 ERROR?

It is a most common issue that is found in the operating of windows 10. Especially at the time when the system of your SSD device gets corrupted or not received the latest update files. And this simply means that the problem is with the device hardware components.

This is the one of the main reason that creates the dpc_watchdog_violation_windows 10 errors. The other errors that takes place most of the time is due to your windows will get switch off by itself, to avoid damages that might occur. Check out the solutions to the problem of the reason you are here.

Solution to the error of Dpc_watchdog_violation:

Switch off the fast start up option

First Step: At first, click on the start button and then select the control panel option. Into the window of “Adjust your computer’s setting”.

Now you will have to select the “Power Options” by clicking on the icon.   

Second Step: In the power Options settings you will have to select “Choose what the power button does”.

Third Step: After that, click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.

And then scroll down the screen until you notice the Turn on fast startup, tick on box and click on “Save changes”.

Fix the problem in safe mode by reinstalling driver

Before we get started, confirm that you have correctly downloaded the right drivers. Follow the instructions that are given below.

First Step: Firstly, hold Win + R key by once at a time and it will launch Run window. After that enter “msconfig” command, and then click Ok or press Enter Key.

Second Step: Into the window of system configuration, click on Boot. And then tick on the box of safe boot under the boot options and network. Click Ok. In the next screen, you will have to click on “Restart” option.

Third Step: Go for the option safe mode, device manager and locate to expand the display of adapters. Now click on AMD Radeon HD 6550D icon and choose the Uninstall option.

Fourth Step: Now you will receive confirm Device Uninstall window on the screen. Tick on delete the driver software for this device. Click Ok.

After that you can reboot your device in “normal mode”, follow the necessary instructions to install the necessary software on your computer.

Check errors or corrupted hard drive     

Below are the methods given step-wise to fix dpc_watchdog_violation in windows 10, by checking the errors or corrupted hard drive in device.

First Step: Firstly, hit the window key once. Now enter “cmd” by typing it into the search box. After that, right-click on Command Prompt and then Run as administrator.

Second Step: Shortly you will notice User Account Control window click yes for windows Command Processor.

Third Step: After that you will notice a command windows appearing on your computer screen. Enter the command chkdsk c: /f/r and press Enter key. Now you will have to type Y for checking it once again, the next time you start device.

And you must finish reboot your device in a way that windows will scan on hard disk and check it.

Fixing the error by updating chipset driver:

This step is going to be little lengthy when compared with the other solution provided above. Follow these steps provided below in step-wise.

First Step: Launch the device manager on your computer.

Second Step: Search for IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers into the window and click on it. Now you will notice Standard SATA AHCI Controller, right-click on it and select the properties option.

Third Step: Now into the windows of standard SATA AHCI Controller Properties. Choose the Driver option and then select Driver Details. Click Ok.

Fourth Step: Now you will have to make a search for the driver “iaStorA.sys. And to exit it, just click Ok.

Fifth Step: After that, once again go back into the properties option of windows. Click on Driver and then choose Update Driver. Select OK.

Sixth Step: After that, in the window of Update Driver Software – Standard SATA AHCI Controller select “Browse my computer for driver software”. In the next page, just click on Next.

Seventh Step: Now search for the Standard SATA AHCI Controller as shown below in the image. Click Next.  After that you will see windows have successfully updated your driver software.

To apply all the changes for taking place, reboot your system once. And suppose your windows 10 are no able to detect the necessary driver. In that case you can use Driver Easy to detect, download and install the right driver.


We have provided you the complete information of the solutions that can fix the problem. Now you will finally get relieved from the  dpc_watchdog_violation windows 10 problem on your computer. Note that, you might face this problem due to the incorrect configuration.

Also the reason could be due to the corrupted files found in the windows register, at the time of software being replaced. So, if you have these errors on your windows try any of the above solution as it will fix the problems.

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