Download Xender for PC – Use Xender for PC (Windows &Mac) In 50sec (Without Bluestack)

Xender for PC; when this term is searched online or asked someone, most of the suggestions are stuck with Bluestsacks. I say, using of any emulator software is not even an option. There were times when Android emulator used to be the only option as long as using a mobile app or playing an Android game on PC is concerned. Time has changed now, so did technology. Matter of fact, if we talk about Xender File Transferring App, we have a couple of ways to use Xender for Windows PC.


Now the question is, how you will use Xender on PC computer without using any third-party emulator as such Bluestacks. We will get to that answer and everything else you need to know about Xender.

Xender for PC

Xender is known to be one of the best file sharing apps for mobile phones, Smartphones to be precise. Xender app is officially available for all mobile platforms as such Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Xender has been providing the best features to mobile user. Over the time, Team Xender has realized the need of Xender for PC and came up with the ultimate solution. Today we have Xender Web and Xender Utility for Windows.

Xender Web is a web-based version of Xender that can be utilized from all type of computer whether it Windows, Mac, or others. However, Xender Web works only online.

Xender PC installer, on the other hand, is design to work offline when installed on the PC. Just like the installed mobile apps.

In a nutshell, we have now two options of using Xender on Windows computers. If staying online is not an issue, Xender Web version is recommended as it does not require download or installation. Alternatively, Xender tool will do the best offline if downloaded and installed. You can connect your PC to Smartphone and exchange files of various formats.

We will see how to use Xender Web and Offline tool for Windows computer. Before we get into the utilization section, you may want have a quick glance on the key features of Xender App.

How to Use Xender for Widnwos PC without Bluestacks

By now, you must be aware of all the Xender advantages. May be, its time to apply the theory into practical.

Here, You can use xender for pc with two same but different way, i mean the process is same but the connection type is different. one is by using active internet connection and another is without internet connection.

Now you have to choose which type is the best for you. But here we are sharing both types, so lets start 😀

Type 1: Transfer Files Using Xender Web on PC Using Active Internet:

This is very much easy. No download is needed. All you need to is an active internet connection on your PC and updated Xender app installed on your Smartphone.

Step 1: Visit Xender Web from your Windows computer. There you will see a unique QR Code.

Step 2: Now, open Xender app on your phone. Tap on the orange colored login icon.

Step 3: Now click on more option same as the below image. Then click on “connect to pc” option.

Step 4: Tap on Scan button.

Step 5: Scan the QR Code of Xender Web which you are already open on your pc browser using your Xender mobile app.

Step 6: On the PC taskbar, you will see available Xender network. Click on the “Connect” button.

When the devices are connected, you will see Xender Web interface with mobile device name and files in it. You can now choose files from the phone to make copy to your PC. Eitherway, you can choose files from your PC via the taskbar located to the left-side of the Xender Web Window.

Type 2: Transfer Files Using Xender on PC without internet

  • Now, open Xender app on your phone. Tap on the orange colored login icon.

  • Now click on more option same as the below image. Then click on “connect to pc” option.

  • Here you can find a ip address same as below image. Just Open any browser on your computer and type the IP Address you see there.

  • Now also here you can find a hotspot icon just click on it and and wait until your mobile hotspot is not opening.

  • Now open your laptop wifi option and you can find xender wifi connection. Just connect  it.

  • Next, you have to accept the ‘connection to your PC’ on your phone. Same as below image.

This type is the best for laptop users. If you are a laptop user then you can follow this type but if your desktop have a wi-fi device then you can follow this type.

Now choose yourself which one is best for you.

Xender App Key Features:

Xender is a very reliable and easy way to transfer various types of files from your Smartphone device to other devices and vice-versa. The key features of Xennder are as follows –

1: Xender can transfer files with lightening speed. Highest speed of file transfer is recorded as 40Mb per second.

2: Supports multiple file formats. Xender gives you the freedom of sharing any type of files as such music, videos, photos, apps, games, documents, etc.

3: Xender works wirelessly. No tangled cable or internet or data is required to get the things done.

4: No limitations on shared file size. No matter what type file you are sharing on Xender, you can transfer files as much as you want, as big as you wish. It’s just that, bigger the file size, longer the time will it take.

5: As mentioned earlier, Xender support cross-platform file transferring. It allows you to exchange files between devices like PC, Mac, Phones, and Tablets irrespective of the OS versions and nature of OS ecosystems. Xender runs on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X.

6: If you use Xender on Smartphone, there is a unique feature that allows you move your old mobile data like SMS, Contacts, Images, Videos, Audios, Games, etc to a new device in just one single button.

7: When Xender is used on Smartphones, it can also be utilized as a File Manager to manage, move, and remove received files. You may also keep backups when some phone space need to be freed up.

8: The Xener for PC tool as well as mobile app comes with a very decent user-interface that lets you get things done easily.

9: Interestingly, the tool is available in all major languages available around the world.

10: Recently, Xender app has integrated Hungama to it. This collaboration will allow you to play, download, or share music tracks with other Xender users.

Got enough info about Xender feature? This is time to get your hands dirty with Xender for PC.

Download Xender for PC:

If you want to download and use Xender for PC offline tool, here is what to do.

Step 1: First of all, Download Xender tool here.

Step 2: Located the downloaded file and install the tool.

Step 3: Launch the tool and you can then connect it to the phone. Follow the same procedure as you do while connecting between phones.


No more relying on Bluestacks to use Xender for PC. Now you can use Xender app on PC offline or online independently. Irrespective of the Windows version you running on your computer, Xender tends to work just fine and help you transferring files between various devices, without any charges, any effort, any internet, or data cable. It’s that cool. If you still choose to use emulator software for Xender on PC, the emulator program will slow down your system.


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