Download & Install Shareit for PC Windows 10/8/8.1/7 Latest Version

Since the world of smartphone came into existence the whole concept of connecting and sharing has been changed. With a simple click you can send your desired files with just a click. Though with the help of Bluetooth we can send our file but it was not as fast as the smart phones apps. App like share it can help you to send your desired files easily with just a click. The app is very easy to handle and all kinds of files can be easily send with this app.

But the question is how we can do the same thing with our PC. The solution is if we can download share it on our PC. The answer is yes we can ,share it can be downloaded and can be easily used on our PC. There are many who are not aware of this process now we shall show out how we can download it easily and share our files. Make sure you download the file from the source given here. Many are in use of this system which helps them in easy sharing of the files. Here we shall not only discuss the download process we shall also discuss on some of the features of this system. So let’s begin.

Features of Share it

Here we shall be listing out the best of the features of share it which will help you in getting a better knowledge of this app. The better you will understand the app the better it will be easy for you to handle the app. So let’s check them up.

  • Share it has the capability to share your desired files easily on your desired smart device or Pc with just a click.
  • You can easily send any kinds of file like picture, video, files, etc with just a click and of any size.
  • The system is very fast in terms of any sending or receiving files. Which if would have done by Bluetooth would have taken the more time.
  • The system can connect five devices together which helps you to transfer files in all the devices at a same time. Being connected with all the five devices the speed remains same.
  • Even the share it app can be easily transferred so that the one who don’t have it can use it and share files with each other.
  • Available in different smart phone market which makes it best in the market. It is now available for PC too which gives the convent feel in sharing all kinds of files.
  • The interface of the system is very modern in look which makes it easy for all to use the system easily and smoothly.

These were the important features of share it which will help you to know more about this app. Now let us discuss how we can use this system and help in running it smoothly.

Steps which will Guide you to Use the System

Here we shall guide you how you can use the system and help in transfer of your files. The system is very easy to handle make sure you put the steps as discussed.

  • First open the app on your PC. Once you open you will notice the home screen of the app.
  • Now there you will get two major options first is send and the other is receive.
  • Now depending upon your requirement option click on the desired option.
  • Now there will be few more options like share zone, group share, received, clean junk, app manager, web share and many more.
  • You can even create your own profile and manage it more conveniently.
  • There is an option where you can view your history of files which you have send and received. The system is well organised and help you in track the file record.
  • The app works smoothly on PC without any of the hassle make sure you follow the steps.
  • To send file choose the file you want to send and then click on the send option.
  • Now if you want receive any file click on the receive option and the file will automatically get on your device.

So these were some of the steps which will help you to use the app smoothly. Now let’s check out the step which will guide you to download the app on to your PC.

Download Share it on your PC

Here will be the detailed discussion which will help you to download Share it on your PC. The steps are easy and smooth make sure you are doing them correctly.

  • To begin with the download process first you have to click HERE. This will help you to get the file on your device.
  • Once you have downloaded the file click on it. This will automatically open the file.
  • Now there you will get some of the terms and conditions which you have to look on to progress on the download process.
  • Once you are done with it the file will automatically get installed successfully.
  • Now the open it and start using it. It works exactly the same as the smart phone app. If you have used the app on your smart phone then it will be easy for you to use it on your PC too.
  • Just use your WIFI connectivity before you start using the app.


This was all about share it for PC. Here we have mentioned how to use it and what are the special features of this amazing app. Not only that the download process which we have mentioned here is the easiest one. Make sure you download the file from the link given here. Using share it on PC looks very good so hurry download the file and get the best of the file transfer from your device to another one.

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