Install Whatsapp on Your Phone With Virtual Phone Number (List)

Creating WhatsApp accounts without sharing the real number is always better for privacy. But without mobile numbers verification of accounts is impossible. For this reason, the best option to bypass Whatsapp verification is using the Virtual Phone Number. It is the best and the easiest way to open social accounts without sharing your own numbers. But how to get the genuine virtual numbers and open Whatsapp account is a big question to all.


That is the reason why, today, we have written about the method to create Whatsapp account with virtual number. Along with this we have also added the genuine service providers where you will get genuine virtual numbers. So keep reading this article and know more about Virtual numbers, genuine providers, and how to use them for creating a genuine Whatsapp account.

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What is Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers are fake phone numbers that are being used to call and send messages to any one. These virtual numbers works on “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP). It is the method of transmitting voice or multimedia to actual phone or mobile number using the internet protocol networks. There is no real numbers like the issued phone or mobile numbers provided by any telecom companies. Hence these numbers do not have any SIM cards and they can be used over the web only.

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What are the Advantages of using Virtual Phone Number?

As earlier said, Virtual numbers are not real numbers, these can be issued anytime anywhere by anyone and then can be used. Hence there are many advantages of using virtual phone numbers. Some of the advantages are:

  • Virtual numbers allow seamless connection from multiple locations and also via multiple devices. It means a single virtual number can be used from various places via several devices, at the same time over the web.
  • There is no extra or separate equipment’s like the handsets or receivers required for using virtual numbers. Users can manage their real and virtual numbers together from their mobiles by signing in to their accounts.
  • Virtual numbers are also helpful in securing privacy. Users can use or share their virtual numbers as contact information with the strangers in need or on social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, or on websites of any organizations.
  • It also provides uninterrupted services to the users. If any damage or loss happens to the users’ devices, users can just log in to their accounts from other devices and continue calling and sending or receiving messages.
  • Virtual numbers are helpful in calling or sending messages to international numbers across the globe with cheap rates. In this method, the users can switch to the same country numbers (if provided by the service providers) and then make a local like call. Hence the charges will also be lesser than normal international calls.

How to get Virtual Phone Number to Create WhatsApp Account?

If been searched on Google, users will have a list containing huge number of virtual number providers. Some offers free virtual numbers, some premium. All of them promise to help in whatsapp verification without the real number. But unfortunately, very few of them are able to provide the service. That is why we have found the best service providers to create whatsapp with virtual numbers. Continue reading and know about the service providers mentioned below.

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Virtual Phone Number Apps:

Virtual Phone

Virtual Phone is the best virtual phone services provider. It provides various virtual numbers for the users to use them in personal or professional purposes. Users of Virtual Phone can get thousands of local numbers of more than 120 countries across the globe. So users can use any of those virtual numbers to create WhatsApp accounts. Apart from this, the service provider offers one international toll free number and 120+ national toll free numbers for different countries. Though Virtual Phone is not free, users can enjoy a free trial.

Users can also download the apps for their devices. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. Click the links to download Virtual Phone for your devices.


To create multiple Whatsapp Accounts for different purposes, the best service provider is Text Plus. It is the best US and Canada based free virtual number provider. Along with a list full of virtual number, Text Plus allows the users to change their virtual number anytime from the list. Users can use all those number on whatsapp for both personal and professional purposes too. Not only for WhatsApp, users can use the virtual numbers for calling and sending or receiving text messages, MMS, voicemails, and GIFs, to their US or Canada based friends for absolutely free.

Text Plus is a totally free virtual number provider. So users can download the app for their Android and iOS devices from the links mentioned below. Otherwise, browse the official site and enjoy.


Burner is another best option for getting virtual numbers for whatsapp verification via call or SMS. Not only whatsapp, Burner can be used for other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It allows the users to create different virtual numbers with US and Canadian area codes. Then users can use the numbers for calling, sending or receiving SMS, MMS, and voicemails. After use, the created numbers can also be burned. But the services of Burner are not free. It offers prepaid and subscription plans for the users.

There are both Android and iOS compatible Burner app is available. Users can browse the sites and download the apps for appropriate devices, or click the links below.


TalkaTone is also able to complete whatsapp verification process, because it also allows calling and texting facilities using the internet. Using this app, users can call to all friends and family (TalkaTone users) for free. Calling to real mobile numbers is also possible. Not only calls, users can send and receive SMS, MMS, voicemails, GIFs, and many others. But communication with inbound contacts is free. For out bound communication, users have to buy/own plans, reasonably offered by TalkaTone.

But TalkaTone is a completely app based service providers. Users have to download the apps to access the services. Presently, apps for Android and iOS devices are available.

Virtual SIM

Virtual SIM is completely dedicated for android devices. It provides virtual mobile and landline numbers from 38 countries. Using these numbers users to call, send or receive voicemails and messages along with MMS, pictures, GIFs. Hence users can use the numbers to create and verify whatsapp accounts too. The calling and sending messages to inbound contacts is free. For other calling options there are different plans comparatively cheaper than traditional plans offered by telecom companies.

For using the Virtual numbers provided by Virtual SIM, users have to download the Android app from the Google play store.


Callhippo is an upgraded virtual phone number site. It is also designed to create virtual numbers and use them for personal and professional purposes. These numbers can also be used for opening accounts on social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. Like Text Plus,Callhippo also provides US or Canada based virtual numbers. But calling to others via this app is not free. Users have to buy plans for that. Texting is free for Callhippo users. the best thing of Callhippo is that it works very well in WiFi, 4G, and 3G also.

Like Virtual SIM, it is also app based service provider. Users have to download the apps to access all the services. So click the links mentioned below to download Callhippo for Android and iOS devices.


If anyone wants Private Virtual Numbers, then Hushed is the destination for them. And the plans are cheaper than other service providers. It offers free calling and messaging facilities to Hushed users. Incoming calls and messages are also free. Hence users can use the app for verification of any social network accounts including Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or others. Hushed provides numbers from 40 countries. So these numbers can also be used on Whatsapp to prank. So why are you waiting for? Download the app and enjoy.

Users can download the apps from Google play store and iTunes stores. Links of both are mentioned below for the users’ convenience.

Google Voice

Google Voice, launched by Google, is provider for one virtual number per account. It designed to connect all the devices of the users with the virtual numbers, and to receive calls, messages, voicemails, for the friends from any devices. As a result, users can create whatsapp with Google voice virtual number and then verify the accounts via both call and text messages. The most important thing is that users can choose the virtual with any area codes of their choice. Apart from these, the app allows the users to manage international calls, conference calls, SMS, MMS, voicemails, blocked users, and others. And all of these are for free.

Google voice can be used on smartphones (Android and iOS) and on PCs also. Click the links below to download Google voice mobile apps.

How to Create Whatsapp with Virtual Phone Number?

Creating whatsapp with virtual mobile numbers is very simple.

  • Just choose one of the service providers from the above, download the app, and then log in to it.
  • Then follow their instructions and get your virtual number first.
  • After getting the virtual number, download and install whatsapp app and give the virtual number in verification process.
  • Then open the service provider app, get the OTP, and paste it on the verification form.
  • Your account will be ready to use.

Is it Safe to Use Virtual Phone Number to Create WhatsApp?

Using premium virtual numbers are completely safe, secure, and full of benefits. But free virtual numbers have some disadvantages, better to say risks. That’s because, free virtual numbers are public numbers. Anyone can use the numbers for any purposes. If you use the number for creating whatsapp accounts today, tomorrow other can use the same number and get the access of your accounts, by simply going to the re-installation process and get OTP for verification.

Final words

So this is all about the virtual number and how you can create some of the social media account using the virtual number instead of giving your mobile number. I hope this article will help you to create Whatsapp with virtual phone numbers. So choose the appropriate service provider from the above and download the apps by clicking the links given. Then verify your Whatsapp account with ease. But try to avoid using free virtual numbers for creating social network accounts, as some time you lose control over the number due to server issues.

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