How To Connect a RDP Server From Windows and Mac?

Today we will be discussing with you How To Connect a RDP Server From Windows and Mac. Remote desktop protocol which is shortly termed as RDP, it is basically a secure network communications protocol, especially designed for the purpose of remote management. It provides remote access into the virtual desktops or applications along with the RDP terminal server. RDP is supported in most of the windows version OS and Mac OS too. RDP has the feature that involves the encryption and bandwidth reduction including lots more. It also has the unique ability of using multiple displays with the unique feature of disconnecting temporarily without simply logging off. RDP also comes with the support of over 64,000 independent channels that allows data transmission.


How does actually remote desktop protocol works? RDP gives the remote user the access to a virtual machine. The technology that provides the session to occur includes protocols, security, virtualisation, etc. Dealing with the windows servers with the internet connection is quite dissimilar, as there is a chance that your server can be far away from the distance. Remote desktop server is created in an intention to give access to the internet-hosted server to the desktop. Mainly there is lots of windows server that supports these features. But not all the client computer gets the access to enjoy it. Check out the procedure to connect a Remote desktop server from windows and Mac.

Several Ways To Connect a RDP Server From Windows and Mac:

1: How to connect remote desktop from Mac OS?

Here we will be providing you information to connect remote desktop form Mac OS. Follow these simple instructions that is given below in details.

  • Step 1: From the Mac App Store you need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop. Click here to do that.
  • Step 2: Choose “New” button by clicking on it, the other way is simply by choosing the shortcut keys i.e. (Command + N) key. These given settings will make a new connection for you.


  • Step 3: Use the server of your IP address in the PC name or simply enter hostname, only in the case of the hostname is with DNS record and resolves. Now you will need to provide a valid username, for getting access in the administrator account simply use the Administrator. Add up the administration password and then configure to full-screen mode with the multi-monitor settings.

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  • Step 4: When you are done filling up the suitable settings, exit the edit remote desktop window option.
  • Step 5: Choose your connection under My Desktop and select the “start” button from the menu options.

When your server is assigned with a SSL certificate which is self-signed, a message is shown as “Remote Desktop is negotiating credentials”. To proceed choose the continue button to make a connection, you can also store the certificate for permanently and create a direct connection. Now click on show certificate and then enquire to view the box next to “Always trust option”, just before choosing the “continue” option.

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2: How to configure your on-campus windows for RDP connections?

To start creating the desktop connections, you must allow the RDP on-campus windows desktop. Follow the instructions that are provided below in details.

  • Step 1: Hit the windows key and R at once to open run prompt windows, and then enter “sysdm.cpl” and click OK.

  • Step 2: Now you will have to make sure to given an access to the connections from computers running into any version of RDP is chosen.

  • Step 3: While making a connection to the workstation through windows OS, you will need to make a selection of secure connections from PC running RDP with the network level Authentication.

After applying these mentioned steps you will be able to configure your on-campus windows for RDP connections.

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3: How to connect to RDP server with from widows?

In this section, you will learn how to connect windows to another windows server. It is quite simple and easy to follow.

  • Step 1: There is an integrated program known as Remote Desktop Connection in windows, that given the permission to connect sever using the server of the RDP as default. It can be found on your PC with the given path.


  • Step 2: Now filled up the IP address bar or the hostname of your connection server. Have a peek on the Vultr control panel for the server of your IP address. To make a connection just simply choose the use another account login option. You need to follow this since we are not involving any account like Microsoft and local on the server.

  • Step 3: Fill the username and the password too, if compulsory go for the domain suppose shown as above in screenshot. Simply click on Ok option and then you will be logged into the server and will be connect into the server.

To manage your RDP server connection view the connection that is on the top of the screen. Either you can disconnect it by simply selecting the X icon.


Since now we have meet the end of the discussion, here you have learnt the ways how to connect a RDP server from windows and Mac. Remote Desktop Services is a platform to build virtual solutions to meet every one in need. It offers to you deployment flexibility or cost efficiency and then the extensibility too. One can set up the RDS solution by looking at the environment, also the preferences for session basis virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure too. Since the environment the cost-effectiveness is vital and you wish to expand the profits of deploying the full desktops in a session basis virtualization environment, we recommend you to give a try on the Multipoint services to meet the best value. By now we believe that you got all the necessary information that you need to know on the Remote desktop server for windows and Mac. Hope this information has been helpful to you. Leave a comment below for further queries.

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