Fix Mixed Content Issue – How to Properly Configure SSL/ HTTPS on WordPress Site

It has become very important for every blog to switch from old HTTP to HTTPS secure SSL certificate. As the Blogs and use of online markets have become more diverse, all the bloggers need a trusted website containing HTTPS SSL Lock icon. Most of the blogs are seen to be created from the WordPress and for the WordPress site you should also have the SSL certificate to build the HTTPS. There are certain trusted companies like Let’s Encrypt, Nginx and CloudFlare that will give you SSL certificate. Well, the “Let’s Encrypt” is providing free SSL certificates for 90 Days and other have a specific price for one year of validity. After you have successfully got your SSL certificates installed on your website now you can see your contents are turning into HTTPS. Learn about how to fix mixed content issue.

But here too, you will find many errors. You won’t be able to switch all the contents into HTTPS resulting in mixed contents. Then as result, even after you have worked so hard to install the SSL certificate ultimately you will not get full contents transferred into HTTPS which is a great loss. People or most visitors only feel secure if you have the HTTPS rather than HTTP even though you will harm anyone. So how to fix mixed contents issue or how to properly configure SSL/HTTPS on the WordPress site.

How to Properly Configure SSL/ HTTPS on WordPress Site and Fix Mixed Content Issue

Here in this article currently we are going to use the Cloudflare to fix mixed content error on your Blogs switch to HTTPS. Before we step into the fixing Mixed content, you must first check if the SSL certificate is properly configured or not.

Steps are-

  1. First of all, you will have to go to the official CloudFlare website and log in to your CloudFlare account.
  2. Now type and select your website.
  3. Next, click on Crypto and select the SSL encryption tab.
  4. Finally, click on the Full or Full (strict) option present on it. You will also have other options like- Off, Flexible, Full and Full Strict.

After you have switch into the Full (Strict) SSL, your website should be enabled with the HTTPS mode.

Check out other errors solution:

What are the uses of the following SSL encryption option?

If you have only got SSL certificate installed on your website then it will automatically switch to either Flexible or even off by default. And due to this reason, even though if your content have been SSL certified but you will still find HTTP rather than HTTPS. So you must switch to Full or Full Strict to get rid of mixed content error have all the contents turn into HTTPS. A short glance about the Flexible, Full & Full Strict.

Flexible SSL- Switching to Flexible SSL you will have only SSL lock icon which your visitor will see it on their browser and will encrypt only from your visitors to the Cloudflare but not to your server. And the main advantage of using this is you don’t need an SSL certificate on your server to use Flexible SSL.

Full SSL- with the help of Full SSL you will need the SSL certificate which will encrypt from your visitor to cloud flare and also Cloudflare to your server. But your visitor will see the SSL lock icon on their browser.

Full Strict SSL- Finally the Full Strict SSL will help you to encrypt from visitor to CloudFlare and also Cloudflare to your server along with the valid SSL certificate. And this will show the safety along with the SSL lock icon for your visitor every time they view your contents.

What is Mixed Content Error?

Now after you have successfully installed the Full (Strict) SSL, you will encounter some errors; all the contents will not turn into HTTPS. The functions take moments to build all the content into HTTPS. In short, your official website will already open on HTTPs but the contents are still opening on HTTP. This type of contents is considered as Mixed contents where few are HTTPS while few still remains HTTP.

How to identify a Mixed Content

There are two processes by which you can check if your website has been successfully encrypted or if the website contains Mixed Content.

  1. First method

Check the https//: in the URL which has turns into red. This is showing because even if the SSL is HTTPS but due to some broken contents or error, they show red.

  1. Second method

The second methods are using the Google DevTools. Open the DevTools by pressing right click on the mouse and click on inspect button or simply type Ctrl + Shift + I.

Once open, now click on the Security. This will give you all the error and give you real-time information about the Page is not secure.

  1. Third step

Finally, you can also use the site for analyzing if your website is still secured or not. This is a free tool which will allow you to check how much your website is secured and having zero mixed contents i.e. HTTP.

How to fixed mixed content issue and other HTTP related issue

Once you have successfully get the SSL certificates, you are now free to switch everything on your website into HTTPS. As having the HTTP, people assumes to be insecure and it actually brings bad omens even for you as bloggers. So first of all, when you have detected all the HTTP issue, now it is time for fixing it permanently.

Method #1: Fix Mixed Content on WordPress site using CloudFlare

  • To use the CloudFlare to fix mixed contents, you will first have to install the CloudFlare plugins. Click here to download CloudFlare plugins
  • Now install the plugins on your Site using the dashboard.
  • Once installed, now go to the setting and locate the Cloudflare to manage the plugins.
  • Next, see the lowermost option- Automatic Cache Management. Switch it ON to allow all the plugin to automatically update the appearance on your website.

Finally, after you have updated the plugins then now you should visit your website and see if it has to turn into HTTPS with green color.

Method #2: FORCE SSL ADMIN for WordPress Admin area

In this section, you will edit the wp-config.php to force the WordPress area to use the SSL certified HTTPS. To configure, just add the code- define (‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true);

This will automatically set all the configuration to force SSL certificate and saw you the HTTPS on the URL. Well, you have to make sure you have valid SSL certificate to use the FORCE_SSL_ADMIN.

Method #3: Manually change your Website or content into HTTPS

If you have so many mixed contents with HTTP, then you got no choice rather than changing the HTTP into HTTPS manually on your WordPress dashboard.

Methods #4: Install WordPress HTTPS SSL plugins

And finally the last tricks to Configure SSL/ HTTPS on WordPress Site are using the WordPress HTTPS SSL plugins. You can easily download and install on your website from the WordPress Plugins store. But they are not trusted and there is no relationship with the CloudFlare. Just you can use as an alternative way to use the HTTPS SSL for your website.

Click here to download WordPress HTTPS SSL plugins


So these are the complete guide to fixing Mixed Content issue and also to Properly Configure SSL/ HTTPS on WordPress Site. With the help of these methods, you can easily prevent error. But for the best recommendation, you should get a premium and registered SSL certificate in order to get the HTTPS for your website. You can try on SSL provider like Let’s Encrypt and CloudFlare which both gives you free SSL certificate for few days. Install the SSL certificate now and create safe & trusted website for your visitors. Hope you can now find out the solution for any kind of Mixed content and fix error on HTTPS related issue.

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