How To Bypass Surveys for Downloads

You might have faced the common issue of online surveys while downloading any file. Generally, we visit some site while searching for some files to download. Most of those sites looks genuine and match our queries but whenever click on the download links or button; we get redirected to some other web pages which contain online surveys. Most of the surveys are irritating, fake and just to waste your time. Sometimes we hang in there and try to complete those surveys but 99% times we fail because they all are totally fake and ask for shopping or spend money on something. To tackle this issue today we are going tell you how to bypass surveys for downloads.

In most of the surveys, they will ask you to enter your email address or phone number where they will send spam messages and irrelevant offers which are really annoying. Yes, that’s true that some of the sites give you the option to download after survey but most of them are time wasters. So, let’s check out the exact methods to bypass online surveys for downloads. Below I have shared 3 different methods which you can try and get results.

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Bypass Surveys for Downloads

Method No.1: Bypass surveys with websites: This is among those sites which will help you to bypass internet surveys easily. After landing on the homepage of this site you will see a box to enter URL of the site and click on the GO button.

In few seconds, you will see your file download without survey popups. There are some other options like Encrypt URL, Encrypt page, Allow cookies, Remove scripts, Remove objects etc.

Method No.2: Bypass Internet surveys with Software:

There are some software available using which you can bypass online surveys. Survey remover tool and Survey cash killer are two such useful tools you can download and use. But make sure you are downloading the genuine software because there are many fake software presents which contain virus and adware.

Method No.3: Bypass online surveys with Extensions:

Browser extensions are always useful for different purposes. Yes, there is some extension to bypass online surveys which you can download in your Chrome or Firefox browser. Auto Overlay Remover is one such useful extension to bypass surveys you can download within your Chrome browser.  If you are using Firefox then you can download Redirect Bypasser or Do Not Survey add-ons to your browser. These add-ons or extensions will not only bypass surveys but also block unwanted popups from different sites.

Method No.4: Disable Javascript in your browser:

Do you know all the online surveys pop up only when you have enabled JavaScript in your browser? So, why not try this method too. If you are using Google Chrome browser then follow the below-mentioned steps to disable JavaScript:

Google Chrome browser

Step No.1

Go to the “Settings” option of your browser. There you will see “Show advanced settings” option where you need to click.

Step No.2

After that, you can see “Content Settings” tab and there below you will see JavaScript menu where you need to click on the second option “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript”. Now click on the done option and you have successfully disabled JavaScript in your browser.

Now, what for the Firefox users? Follow the below-mentioned step to do the same.

Firefox users

Step No.1

Open the Firefox browser and click on the Options button given in corner above. From the options, you need to click on “Content tab’.

Step No.2

Under the content tab, you will see the option to tick and disable JavaScript from the browser.

That’s it you have successfully learned another method to bypass online surveys.


So, above mentioned 4 different methods to bypass online survey in downloads you can try. We have personally tested the mentioned methods and we hope one of these methods will surely work for you. From now onwards you don’t have to face those annoying and irritating surveys and waste your time while downloading anything. There are some useful extensions too which you can download in your browser not only to bypass internet surveys but also to block unwanted ads and popup. Do, let us know which of the above mentioned methods worked for you and you recommend to others.

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