Best Websites To Search Song Lyrics Online For Free By Partial Lyrics or Genre

Suppose that you are at a concert and suddenly they band starts playing one of their famous songs. The crowd starts singing along with the band and even you do. But out of the blue you sing an extra verse and the crowd goes silent. The verse sounded so odd that even the band stopped playing. Just imagine the amount of embarrassment you would face. But there is way to save you from all this embarrassment. Want to know how? Well, there are certain online song’s lyrics websites that are solely made for this purpose only.

As it is quite easy to find the song’s lyrics on these sites on the other hand it is quite hard to find a good and trusted website to find song lyrics online. But you don’t need to worry about that as here we will be providing you with some of the best websites for this purpose. A list of the websites has been provided down below. Check out list now and you will be good to go.

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List of Websites to Find Song’s Lyrics Online:

So here is the list of the recommended websites that you need to check out if you are in need of online song’s lyrics. All these sites are quite trusted and you can browse through them quite smoothly.


Well, the name of the website what the actual use of this website. The most loveable feature of this site is its smooth user interface and look. The purple and light grey interface of the site will make you fall in love with it. Apart from that, suppose that you are not able to remember the name of the song you can just type in the artist name and do a search for the song.

An alphabetic list is provided on the site you even search for your favorite songs through that. Some of the most popular and trending songs have been provided on the welcome page of the page. No sign up or registration is required to use this website. But if you want then you can login on this site. There are various perks of signing up on this website. One of those is getting regular updates about the songs that are being added to the site.


It is quite agreeable that the appearance of site may look a bit old but make no mistake as the contents of this site are quite up to the mark. There are four categories at the top of site that help you in finding your desired songs. The four categories are Home, Charts, Top New and Updates. Log in or sign up is not required to find songs here but if you can join you would be able to enjoy some good features.

Searching for music lyrics is quite easy as this site gets updated with new lyrics quite often. A category for all popular lyrics has been provided on the welcome page has been provided. One of the unique features of this site is that you can add lyrics to this website but for that signing up is a must. You can also get featured on this site if you are a regular user, but for that signing up is necessary.


Are you in Love with Hip-Hop Music? We suggest that you check out this website. This is one of the best websites to find song’s lyric’s online. Well, it’s not that this site only contains Hip-Hop lyrics; there are other song’s lyrics too. The user-interface is quite smooth and the lyrics have been categorized quite nicely too. There are various video available on ten website too. Apart from checking out the lyrics you can even listen to the music track itself.

What’s more is that you can check out the forum and join various discussions too. This site shares various life stories of different musicians too. A category of the various top rated songs has also been provided on the site and this facilitates your search. You can even join the site by signing up and gain IQ. By IQ, what they mean is that you can gain a lot of knowledge. Apart from gaining IQ, you will be able to avail a lot of benefits too.


It is one of the most popular sites that help you in finding the lyrics of favorite songs. Well, the homepage of this site is quite similar to that of the billboards page. Apart from serving as a website for online song’s lyrics it also provides you with various music related news.

Just like billboards it has a list of the top hundred music track. This list gets updated with new tracks quite often. You can register on this website and get regular updates whenever new music lyrics uploaded to it. This site holds a huge library of song’s lyrics. You can check some of the most trending videos here.


To be honest the user-interface of this site looks quite lame but when it comes to providing to with song’s lyrics this is probably the best website. All new music lyrics are displayed on the homepage of the website. And you don’t even have to register on the site to check out the provided lyrics.

One of the most loveable features of this site is that you can request lyrics and also submit some of your favorite lyrics too. Not just music lyrics but also you will able to find soundtracks and music videos. You can also follow them on Facebook and get regular updates. We would say that is probably the top website to find song’s lyrics online.

Final Word

So these are some of best websites to find song’s lyrics online. These sites are quite trusted and you check the lyrics from your smartphone too. So now you can visit any concert without any worries. Sing your favorite songs to the top of your voice and if you don’t know of any certain lyrics then simply refer to one of these sites. We are quite sure that you will each and every website mentioned here on this list.

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