Best Total War Game for PC (windows & MAC) 2017

When it comes to strategy gaming, one can really look forward to the world of total war. With a lot of franchises, the Total War Game is still leading the market of strategy gaming for PC and MAC. And with the recent release of their latest franchise Warhammer 40,000:Dawn of War III one can really see how much this game is appreciated by the players. Unlike any other strategy games which follow a simple time of event, the Total War game takes the gamer through a variety of major events from history itself. With Total War Game you are looking at major war events like the Long Kingdom based wars, war based on World War I and II and even modern combat war. One of the major step that the developer have taken is definitely the new fantasy world war theme.

This versatility of war themes doesn’t only allow the players to be engaged with the War Game series but also helps the Franchisor figure out new ideas of war every time. This also keep the game fresh out of box and a lot of playability for any gamer. So, if you are also thinking about trying this amazing strategy games then you can choose from the best of all the series.

There a lot of series to the Total War game and if you want to play the best, I recommend that you go through this list of the Best Total War Game for PC & MAC. All these series requires different system requirements, so keep in mind that your system meets up with the minimum requirement for a smooth gameplay.

List of the Best Total War Game for PC & MAC:

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III (For Windows PC Only)

This is a total look over the whole game of Total War. If you have already played the War Game series then you will definitely love this gameplay. This series aims at taking the whole series of War Games and put it in one single gameplay. In this series you will be able to control over 3 different heroes and some troops too. This makes the gameplay really flexible and offer the gamer with different gameplays.

We will also loved the new graphics interface of the game which is really awesome to look at with a lot of gigantic weapons and flashy weapons shot effect. If you are into playing war games then you will defiantly love this series as a new gamer to Total War Game.

Total War: Atilla (for Both MAC and Windows PC)

This series of Total War Games takes you through the age of Roman Empire. Here you won’t have an amazing gameplay but you will definitely enjoy the free world gameplay. With excellent Graphics interface, the Total War Atilla series can be a great starter choice for new gamers.

The series goes around the gameplay of the fall of an empire through a real time gameplay which makes things even more amazing. As far as the heroes goes, you can choose from a wide selection of tribes which will offer you with a different gameplay and heroes with different skill. So, choose your tribe and conquer you competitor.

Total War: Rome II (for Windows PC only)

What can be better than the Roman gameplay of Total War based of age old age History. The world of strategy gaming has been taken over by the romans. But with the Total War Rome II gameplay, you will get to experience a totally different gameplay which includes selection of different heroes and with every selection of different gameplay, the ending of the game will also keep changing.

The gameplay also includes taking political and economic decision which makes the game play even more interesting. The Total War Rome II comes as a trilogy game and if you want to get the most out of this series, then I suggest you get your hands on the complete Rome trilogy.

Napoleon Total War (for Windows PC only)

Every wondered, how would it feel to be a ruler? Well, this gameplay offer you to do exactly that. In this series of Total War, you will be able to play as the Napoleon Bonaparte. As the Napoleon, you will be playing an excellent gameplay with even more excellent graphics.

Guide the gameplay through different event which starts off right from when he was a child even in the game. You will be able to watch history repeat itself through your hands. Playing as the Napoleon, your main objective would be to conquer Europe. You choose different cities to attack and conquer with different and attractive visual.

Total War: Shogun 2 (For Windows PC only)

This series is our favourite as this gameplay offers a totally a new age of battles and excellent graphics. Not just that, the story mode itself is more than enough to let you enjoy the best of Total War gameplay.  The Shogun2 is a sequence of the Shogun itself with 3 different trilogy which are definitely worth playing.

The Gameplay takes the player though with really cool special effects, killing zoom effects that makes it really realistic with swords duel. And the best party about the games is that you will be able to design your own avatar while starting the game.

Final Word

There you have it, these were the list of few of the best series from Total War games, that you will defiantly love to play as a new or a old gamer. And if you are totally new to the world of Total War game, then we suggest you play the game following the different sequence gameplay of the series to get the most out of the changing action from old days battles to modern and fantasy world gameplays. No matter what you want to enjoy from, the Total War Games series is something that you would want to play anytime you want, so go ahead and get your copy now from the links provided above.

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