Best Paid/Free Webcam Recorder Software 2018

The webcam is a video recorder that runs its image to a computer. The webcam can also be used for clicking images. In addition to it, webcam can also be used as a video camera that is automatically connected to a web. Using your webcam itself, one can click photos and videos. Apart from that, for any video conference calls webcam recorder software is very much necessary. For example, if you want a good quality video filter and effects then you must search for the best free/paid webcam recorder software 2017.

However, if you wish to use webcam recorder software for your Windows OS for more clear videos then here we have some alternatives. However, all the software that we have provided are free as well as paid for any meeting, webinar or any business purpose. Webcams are used for many purposes like for security surveillance, video broadcasting, video conference station etc. In today’s world, webcam are very much required for safety and security. Apart from that, they are placed in many hospitals, child care, malls etc for video monitoring to know what is going right or wrong. Let us go through the webcam recording softwares in details.

Webcam Recorder Software 2017:

1.    Zeallsoft Webcam Recorder Software:

Zeallsoft webcam recording software is the top pick software for your device. This software is especially made up capturing those online videos and as well as snapshots. Not only can that, with the help of this software one record all video clips more efficiently and quickly. As a matter of fact, the videos can also be recorded in AVI/WMV file.


With just a single click it allows you to take hundreds of images. Even the images can be captured from the running videos that you are watching with the help of this software. Overall, this software works just diligently with USB web camera.

2.    CyberLink YouCam 7:

CyberLink YouCam 7 free trial for 30 days and after that the paid version starts. Speaking in broad, this is the competitive software for different categories. They are for streaming videos or for capturing videos. It also comes up with so many tools like face beautifier tools for perfect profile, 200+ fun effects tool for chatting as well as video recording.

Surveillance and face login tools are also available. To spice up your video, it allows using the frames and scene option. The smart video enhancement tools also adjust the settings like brightness, color, and adjust accordingly.

3.    SplitCam:

SplitCam software brings more life to your videos when calling. It allows you to stream live video and live chat with your friends. SplitCam also offers cool effects that help to look unique while video chatting. Apart from so many relevant features, SplitCam has such video splitting features that mean you can use webcam without any error.

It is also capable for realistic 3D mask along with flexible streaming device. From your HD camera itself, it allows you to stream your videos without any loss of video quality. Download now for free.

4.    Fake Webcam:

When we speak about Webcam Record Software, Fake Webcam also falls under the category of top pick. The best thing about this tool is, they work exactly the same real webcam in Skype, YIM or Gtalk. Here you can apply high quality effects and also play any videos that you choose.

All types of videos and audios can also be played on your computer with the help of Fake Webcam. You can also try the Fake Voice changer tool which changes your voice quality from female voice to male voice. They are available only for windows.

5.    EatCam Webcam:

Eatcam Webcam recorder is the only software that has the capability to record the webcam to AVI, WMV, FLV files. Some of your memories can also be watched again and again with Eatcam recorder. What else do you need when everything can be recorded with Eatcam?


Coming up with excellent features, it supports to record both video as well as live audio streaming files. The software is mostly for yahoo messenger, Skype, ICQ, MSN, AIM etc.

6.    Free Screencast:

Free Screencast is the most trusted webcam software that has the power to capture any part of your PC screen. Either you can record the whole screen with sound or only a part of the screen. This free Screen Cast software helps you to customise the recording or applying cool filter effects.


The recorded video can also be shared on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Without any hidden cost, and without any registration, Free Screencast can be easily downloaded on your device. The supported windows are, Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

7.    iGlasses:

iGlasses is available only for Mac users. To achieve the perfect webcam recorder software, with iGlasses you can trust fully. They also work brilliantly for Skype, Face Time, Google Talk, Facebook Video etc. Approximately there are 50 effects available that includes face tracking and 3D effect.

The digital zoom and pan will help you take the trigger shot very easily. If you are new with the software then make sure you have a Mac OS X 10.6 or New.

8.    Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder:

With just a single click, Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder works effectively. Let us firstly speak about the features, while doing a live chat with this web recording software; it also allows you to edit the image and customise all the effects.


It not only helps you to record the video but also has the ability to convert into other formats. With just 3 easy steps one can enjoy the benefit of webcam recording software. You do not require any download, just open the website and enjoy.

9.    Multi Webcam Video Recorder:

Multi Webcam Video Recorder is a web based tool that can capture any video to your hard drive directly. It also supports to capture video in multiple plug-in to your personal computer.

They can do multiple works together like record video as well as take a snapshot. Within no time, it can record up to 36 webcams all together and display 9 webcams eventually.

10. ManyCam:

To chat, broadcast or record, ManyCam is the most common web based recording software. Even the professionals use such type of software for video conference, webinars and online training courses.

Create a dynamic background and produce videos just like a professional that has 12 different categories of video and audio sources. It has so many cool features, download now for free and enjoy all the remarkable features.


So far we have mentioned the best paid/free webcam recording software above. Do tell us which webcam software did you love the most for video chatting and live streaming? But firstly do make sure your computer or laptop is in a good condition. The moment you install this above mentioned software, then it will be easier for you to view your own face. You can either record the whole video chatting or convert them to audio files and save it on your hard drive.

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