Best YouTube To MP3 Converters to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 [PC & Mobile]

I will teach you the mantra to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 music format. This is a very vital thing if you are truly an admirer of music. Converting YouTube videos to mp3 songs is not a thingy we usually do in the early days. Relying on Google Search Engine for other mp3 file sources was the only option we were provided when it comes to downloading music tracks online. Over the time, technology evolved, so thus the way of using it for our convenience. Converting to mp3 music format from YouTube videos has become the best way to get our favorite music pieces online. And, this is for an obvious reason.

YouTube, without a doubt, is a great source of video files including music videos. Any kind of music is available here in various resolution and video formats. While Google is supposed to provide reliable sites when we are in search of anything, it sometimes failed to provide what we really need or made us confused with millions of search result. When we in search of music files (Mp3), YouTube on the other hand never disappointed us.

So, as all kind of music is available in the YouTube why should we look for it on the other way? Downloading the entire video format with larger file size from YouTube is not also a wise decision if we need only the mp3 format. Luckily, there is an online and offline tool available that let us convert the video files to mp3 when we attempt to download them, but not after the download. This kind of converter saves a lot of effort, time, and data.

Best YouTube To MP3 Converters to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

We are in the era where everything is available online. It does not mean that we should go for everything we are provided online. We must know the differences. We should g only for the quality pieces. The best ones. So, here are the best YouTube to Mp3 converters to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 you should opt for.

1: ListenToYouTube

ListenToYouTube, This tool works online as one of the best YouTube to Mp3 converter. All you have to do is copy the YouTube music video link to this website and proceed. The online tool will then download the flash video data and extract its audio file format which will be provided to you for download. The Mp3 file quality may vary. Although, it is a good tool to get YouTube music in Mp3 format the tool is more reliable for PC usage however you can also get the work done in Smartphone or Tab.


2: Video2MP3

Another reliable free online YouTube to MP3 converter tool is what called Video2MP3. This is easy to perform tool that will ask you to do the same copy-paste method to get the MP3 file extracted. Besides YouTube videos, you may convert to your desired MP3 files from popular video provider sites like MyVideo, Dailymotion, etc. Using the tool, you can also get the MP3 quality converted as you require. If you wish to convert the YouTube videos for mobile downloading, you may want to take the next two points a little more seriously.


3: TubeMate Video Downloader

Am I making this point wrong? Am not I supposed to talk only about the YouTube video to Mp3 converter here? Feeding your curiosity, I will say that TubeMate is much more than just a video downloader App. In case you wish to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 files on your Smartphone or Tab. The method is even easier than the ones we usually do for PC. No copy-paste link method is required. Open the App, go to YouTube through it, search for your music content in the YouTube, choose the file format as MP3 while downloading. That’s it! Your Mp3 file of desire music will be downloaded before you know it.


4: VidMate App

This app is also a lot similar to the TubeMate. This app is specially developed as video downloader that brilliantly does its work in downloading video files from YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Instagram, IMDb, etc. If you are only after music tracks, there is a tab in the app for “Music” category where every new music release is updated regularly. Of course, irrespective of the platform, you can select the music file format as MP3 while downloading any. And the downloading process also faster compared to a typical downloading method.



Getting back to the PC usage again, I must mention another unique YouTube converter that is an all-in-one package. You heard it right. This online tool is not only responsible for converting YouTube videos to MP3 files but it can convert the video files to any other file format according to your needs. Convertible format available are MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV, AVI, etc. So, this tool is a perfect catch if you wish to convert a YouTube video to anything possible.



Throughout my experiment with various YouTube converters, I have come across some other tool as well. However, not all of them are worth your attention so kept the list short including only the best ones. I hope it will give a better experience in using. After all, when you have the best ones in hand, why to bother about wastes?

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