Best Minecraft Mods List 2018 of All Time

Minecraft is a popular and a highly rated game for a long period. Unleashing the creativity with adding mods to it makes more amazing its gameplay. Not just kids but every age like to play this games. The good thing about this game is that you can play this games on all platforms. Crafting your own gameplay is more pleasing with this game, as this doesn’t have any specific mission. But it is all up to you and how you make it happen with your gameplay. Precisely, if you go with Minecraft mods it would make even more interesting. To be a good Modder you should know which mods should be downloaded or avoided. Hence, I will guide you to download some cool and top mods for Minecraft.

For the Minecraft game players “Which are the best Minecraft mods?” is a very common question for the most generations. Those who want to become a Minecraft Modder should definitely pick a perfect pack of mods and install to Minecraft game. Or else, it will be more hectic to play your Minecraft game. So, if you are thinking to get the best mods for your Minecraft game then here is the complete list for you. Just install it your Minecraft game and add more excitement than a regular gameplay. These mods for Minecraft would not be altered by the default gameplay UI.

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Best Minecraft Mods To Download


Well, without a proper idea about mapping or your location, you cannot play right this game. Yes, you get this with your default player UI but JourneyMap is a little bit advanced map for your Minecraft game. With this map, you mark a place if you find interest or for further exploration to craft things.

When you are near with a mobs portion it can notify you. So that, no one can sneak into you that easily. JourneyMap can be maximized and minimized according to your need.


Now you should know how important is processing juice is needed to play Minecraft game. In a low-end PC, playing this game would be a little crappy. You can increase your PC performance by so many tricks but it would be wiser to have a dedicated Minecraft performance accelerator.

For that, you can download Fastcraft mod for your Minecraft game. This mod can dramatically improve the performance of this game. So, if your PC is struggling to handle this game then it is a recommended game for you.


Before you download this one of the best Minecraft mod in your PC, this is the mod for only high-end PC. If you have then it is recommended to every Minecraft player. Not matter new player or old player, it would give more eye-pleasing graphics to your game. By improving the visual looks it makes Minecraft punchier and graphically awesome.

Hence, installing it with your Minecraft game would add more excitement to your game. If you are not liking the visual of Minecraft then you should give it a try. And I know you will like the change for sure with the output of Optifine.


No matter how expert you are playing this game but Minecraft is something with never ending excitement. As you can add your own idea to the gameplay, you will need to come with an expert guide. Because every expert also needs an advice too. So, if you are looking for a guide for this game then download the CarftGuide mod in your Minecraft game.

With this amazing mod, you can instantly pick a tool or things to craft a thing, which is way better than regular gameplay rule. As in a normal mode, you will need to pause your game and find required recipes, which kind of tricky to craft your emperor.


As a Minecraft game player, you should know that Minecraft is all about decorating things. Without a proper a guidance we cannot make it happened within a time. Or we have to experience it all, giving all the time. Download the Decocraft, which is all about to help you decorate the things in Minecraft.

By downloading this mod, you will get some awesome object to build your home as desired. All house need objects like chairs, tables, toys, lamps etc. you will get with this Minecraft mod. So, if you are thinking to make your home more pleasant then Decocraft mod is recommended to you.

Still Hungry:

Food is essential in this game too and I know you knew it. As ample amount of food required to survive in Minecraft gameplay. But if you’re running out of foods as of poor strategy, you can download Still Hungry Mod. By downloading this mod for your Minecraft, it would help get more foods.

The foods you get in this mod can increase food source, whereas the foods are quite better than regular food in Minecraft game. It is again will hack your time of foods search; instantly you will be able to find all foods in Still Hungry Mod. So, download this mod, as you know how important is the foods in this game.


It is time-consuming when you keep searching mods in the game and find nothing valuable for you. And that’s some time leads to a pathetic point with nothing in your hand. Better if you try WAILA mod in your Minecraft game. This name stands for “What am I looking at?” and simply pointing to a mod it will notify you.

Yes, it can explore things inside of the mods without wasting time in a regular way. That makes it a cool mod and one of the best mod for your Minecraft gaming. Download it now and enjoy exploring many things of the mods with lesser time.


For most Minecraft game players mods are very important to make this gaming easier, exciting. Why not? As the regular gameplay can be boring. There are a lot of gamers who don’t like to follow default settings and gameplay mode. The good about this game is that you can add mods in this game as much you want and make it more exciting. So, simply download the mentioned best Minecraft mods and make your gaming awesome too.

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