Best Apps Like Tinder 2018 Tinder Alternatives For Online Dating

People are tired with going for dating with known people in this trend (Sounds funny).  So what they usually do is, go for online dating with some unknown people of their favorite. For the past years, the communication was only web based like social media sites. And since after the development of Smartphone, the online dating apps like Tinder has come to life. When we speak about dating apps Tinder comes to be its first place. But if you are tired of the same apps then there are also many more Tinder alternatives available those are similar apps like Tinder. In spite, Tinder comes to the first place; but there were many issues faced by the users of Tinder app.


after the Tinder app is launched in the market, there are more similar apps like Tinder was also lunched. All Tinder alternatives works just like the Tinder app, featuring online chatting, online dating, inviting new friends, meeting them and much more. But even though, the Tinder app was having many exciting features, but due to some error many have moved from Tinder app to Tinder alternatives. So today, in this post we will provide you best Tinder’s alternatives of 2018 which are same apps like Tinder that you can use for online dating.

Best Apps Like Tinder 2018/Tinder Alternatives for Online Dating:

1.    SKOUT:

SKOUT is a very popular app and one of the best apps like Tinder that works just like the Tinder app. This Tinder alternative provides you the freedom to meet new people all over the world based on your parameters that you have set. You can also do many fun things with the help of this app, as you can also simply meet anyone at any place you wish to. Now, with so much features SKOUT gives you the opportunity to meet new people, as you never know if your spouse is also at SKOUT. Overall saying this app is having lots of features more than the Tinder app, so this must be the best dating app to have on your smartphone.

2.    Happn:

Happn app is little different dating app than the Tinder app but is also one of the best apps like Tinder. As in Happn app based on your location, you can easily find the perfect match of yours. Not only this, whenever you cross someone who is having account in Happn in real life, you will get a notification of the person in your timeline. You can also check how much time you crossed any person or when is the last time you met him/her. So the Happn app has made easy to make relation with those person that lives around us. Not only checking out how much time you met, but you can also like anyone’s profile without making them know about you, if you want you can also let them know by instant messaging them. So all these features have made this app rank in second position in the best apps like Tinder.

3.    Find Real Love:

Find Real Love is a premium dating app and a perfect Tinder alternative where you don’t require linking your Facebook profile.  This app totally takes care for your privacy, so you don’t need to worry about your details and location as it is totally safe. The app works in a very simple way, when you login to the app it will send you some 10-15 handpicked contacts that match your requirement. The handpicked matches will stay for a day, so now it is your choice if you want to date them or not. This procedure goes on everyday till you don’t get a perfect match for yourself. So the working procedure of the app is very simple and makes your work easy to search your better half in the web.

4.    OKCupid Dating:

If you are looking for an app which knows you more than your photo and give you a perfect match, then there is nothing much better than the OKCupid. In OKCupid they usually asks you few questions about yourself to know you better, and the better they know the best it is. As you will be getting only those profile suggestions that matches your requirements. But in this app you can also see who likes you and send them a message to have more connection online. This app is free to use, but if you want you can also use the premium version with some extra features added. So simply answer all the questions that is asked and have a date with the perfect match better half soon.

5.    Zoosk Dating App:

Zoosk marked as the best online dating app in the year 2016, but it is still the best Tinder alternative. The interface of the Zoosk app is very handy and feels easy to use, and it is slightly easier to use in compared to Tinder app. Not only interface the app is also having lots of features in it like select your better half from lots of options, chat on the go with the inbuilt messenger, date different people around the world and much more. So with all this features this app is also one of the best app that you can have on your device instead of Tinder app.

6.    Badoo:

Unlike Tinder app, Badoo is also one of the biggest online dating apps available today, and is one of the best apps like Tinder. In addition to it, this is the right time to meet your MR or Mrs. Perfect. This app will surely help you to give your heart to someone who will be your future spouse. You can meet with any one whomever you feel comfortable with. Even you can search and browse to have a chat with unknown people. Discover new people with the help of location whether you are on bus, coffee shop or at work. Encounters Option will give a new look to swipe and chat with new people. As this app is offered for free, all you need is a proper internet connection to have online dating.

Other Apps Like Tinder

  1. Truly Madly
  2. Woo
  3. Bumble
  4. Moco
  5. Kama
  6. Bloomy
  7. Hinge
  8. Aisle
  9. Frivil
  10. Thrill
  11. EkCoffee
  12. Matchify
  13. HookedUP
  14. Hot or Not

Final Words:

Tinder needs a paid subscription and much more which is a hectic procedure. So here we have given the best apps like Tinder which is having more exciting feature in it, which make it the best alternative apps to Tinder. Not only about the features, but all the apps that we have mentioned here comes for free, so you don’t need to pay a penny for finding your better half. So, hurry up make yourself beautiful to have an interesting and serious chat for future mate with these apps. This is it, if you are having some other best alternative app of Tinder than you can comment us below, we will be glad to add your points too.

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