Top Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android and PC

Who doesn’t like playing games? These days many consoles are getting launched and most favourite among them are PlayStation, XBOX and Nintendo 3DS. Apart from PlayStation and XBOX, Nintendo gaming console is getting pretty popular among gamers as it is cheaper than others. Moreover there are many games available for Nintendo 3DS emulator which have good graphics and support. Nintendo D consoles were launched back in 2010, and later Nintendo 3DS consoles were launched in 2011. There are thousands of games available for them, but there are many people out there who can’t buy these consoles. If you are among them then this post will be useful for you as we’ve listed some of the best Nintendo 3DS emulators for Android and PC in this post.


There comes many times when you don’t have access to your consoles in that case you can consider using best DS emulators to play games. There are many good Nintendo 3DS emulators for Windows PC and Nintendo 3DS emulators for Android available out there. People often gets confused among them, so we thought to test them out and prepare this list of 3DS emulators for Android and PC. It doesn’t matter which game you want to play, Nintendo emulators for Android and PC supports them all and provides you similar experience that of original Nintendo 3DS gaming console.

Well the most popular gaming device of all time is PC, and nothing can matches the gaming experience that of Windows PC. So people started looking for Nintendo 3D games emulator for PC. Many app developers have built Nintendo 3DS emulator but some of them are just useless and doesn’t work at all. Google Play Store also have some Nintendo emulator for Android but if you want to download Nintendo 3DS gaming emulator for Windows 10 and 3DS emulator for Android then use our list. We have prepared this Nintendo 3D emulator software list after trying them and reading reviews about them. So don’t worry about compatibility and just download working Nintendo 3D emulator for Windows PC and Android.

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators For Android | Nintendo 3DS Windows PC Emulators

Citra Emulator (Windows/MAC)

Citra emulator is one of the best 3DS emulator for Windows and MAC devices. This is among top used and widely popular emulator for 3DS games. The user interface of this emulator is very easy to use which makes it stand out of the crowd. This emulator provides you 60 FPS and with anti-aliasing options to play games or watch videos. Do note that you will have 64-bit OS installed in your system to use this Nintendo emulator for PC, because currently it does not support 32-bit version of OS.

The best thing about Citra is that it is a part of open source project which means you can download it for free. This emulator for MAC, Linux and Windows came out with first public version in 2015 and till not it have got millions of downloads. There is also a two screen feature available in this emulator which will split your screen into two. Moreover you can perform the touches directly on the screen by clicking justify-click.

DeSmuME (Windows/MAC/Linux)

DeSmuME is Nintendo DS Emulator as well as Nintendo DS Lite emulator as well. This is known as one of the best working 3DS emulator in current time which supports vast majority of games. DeSmuME is also first 3DS emulator for Windows which supports commercial games. Do note that this emulator works on Visual C++ 2010 Runtime DLL, so if you are not sure about your system have them then you can download them from this website. Apart from Windows, you can also use this 3DS emulator on Linux, OS X, Wii and AmigaOS 4 to play games.

The best thing about this tool is that it also have cheat management system for internal and Action Replay cheats along with automatic save-type detection. DeSmuME also have microphone support and built-in audio/video recorder for those who creates video presentations of their gameplay. If you are looking for simple yet powerful Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC, then you should definitely download DeSmuME.

NO$GBA (Windows)

NO$GBA is another Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance emulator for Windows and DOS. This is the only DS emulator for DOS available right now, which makes it even more worthy. NoGBA also supports multiplayer gaming on DS emulator and you can also load multiple NDS ROM files for linking games in this free emulator for Windows. Though this software is available for free download, but you can purchase recent upgrades by paying a nominal amount. The latest version of this emulator is 2.8 which includes all latest features.

If you are using an older version, then you will have to download zoomer add-on application to play in full-screen window. This emulator can be used to play games, take and view photos, surf the internet for free. This emulator supports touch screen games so you don’t have to worry about game compatibility.

DraStic DS Emulator (Android)

Nintendo DS emulator for Android is one of the best Nintendo game emulator which provides 3D graphics while playing games. This emulator provides both portrait and landscape modes while gaming so you can have the best gaming experience. You can also add some external controllers and devices such as nVidia Shield and Xperia Play to it. Another good thing about this DS emulator for Android is that it provides you Google Drive save and sync option so you can save your game progresses. Do note that this Nintendo Android emulator is not free, and costs around $5 which is pretty good price for the features it offers.

If you don’t want to spend money on apps and games, then you can also download DraStic DS emulator APK and use it on your Android devices. Moreover you can also consider using demo version of this app so you can evaluate how the emulator works on your device.

Ultimate x3DSx Gold (Android)

Ultimate x3DSx is one of the best 3DS emulator for Android phone and tablet devices. This emulator is available on Google Play Store for free so you can download the latest version from there. The best thing about this Nintendo emulator for Android is that it also supports external wireless controllers so you can get best gaming experience. If you are using a lower end mobile phone or tablet, then Ultimate x3DSx Gold is perfect for you.

It provides you fastest emulation of Nintendo games on Android devices and hence it saves your device battery too. Ultimate x3DSx is able to run almost all Nintendo 3DS games without any problems. There is also an option available in this emulator to enter GameShark/ActionReplay/CodeBreaker cheat codes and enable/disable them on the fly while the game is running.

NeonDS (Windows)

NeonDS is NintendoDS emulator for Windows and it is available for free. This emulator was first launched in 2011 and till now it have got millions of users. Though this emulator will not work on all games, but you can use it to play most of the 3D games of Nintendo. There is limited functionality available in this Nintendo 3D games emulator which makes it easy to use and work faster than other emulators of this list. Softonic app store is offering free download of this Nintendo Windows emulator and you can also follow that page to check about the latest updates about this 3DS emulator for Windows. If you are looking for simple yet effective Nintendo 3D games emulator for Windows 10, then you should download it.

nds4droid (Android)

Last but not the least, nds4droid Nintendo Android 3DS emulator is one of its kind.

Final Words

Nintendo 3DS emulator 2018 are being searched a lot so we thought to post about them on our blog and offer free download Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC. We hope you have liked this post about Nintendo emulator Windows 10 and you now know how to use Nintendo 3DS emulators. Do note that there are many websites out there which are providing Nintendo 3DS emulator free but beware about fake sites. You might end up downloading some virus or malware in the name of Nintendo 3DS emulator.

We will recommend you to use above mentioned 3DS emulators for Android and PC as they are best Nintendo emulator for Windows 10. If you have used some other free Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android or knows about some then do let us know about them via comments below so we can add them to this 3DS Emulator PC list.

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